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Indoor Fire buds

Strong indoor OG cookies runts and many more flavors we do not discriminate must be willing to send selfie holding your ID (818)738-5869



OG full units

Nice thick indoor units very loud smell we can handle bulk orders must be willing to send selfie holding ID no exceptions (818) 738-5869 we […]



Real Deal–The Plug You’ve Been Looking For . Promotion run through out this...

Shipping Start small & work up. WHO is the only source that has it all, from the flower to oils, to shatters, wax, Pre-Rolls, Vape Carts […]

Sour Diesel


Sour Diesel-Greenhouse $1150

(951)535-0363 Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram, Text, Call In person meetups in Southern California


$$40 - $3200

Pay After Delivery No Risk Guaranteed Samples or Units Order Now

Need units? We got you… or Just want to buy some personal at a great price ?? Looking for fast shipping and variety? We got […]



California’s Best Bulk Cannabis

Call/Text – Burt (424) 202-2774 Shipping Friendly** BudBay Verified and California Licensed! California Humboldt grown cannabis. We stay stocked up with a great variety weekly. […]



Start small & work up

Looking for real people, no games, no BS. Delivery is available! New product comes weekly Right now various strains 1200 lb – 3300 Bulk orders […]

Ice Cream Cake


Indoor! (OG’S and Exotics)

Come get the Real Deal Every product is cultivated in-house and more importantly organic! Indoor  Alien OG 1800 Wifi OG 2000 SFV OG 1800 818 […]



Are you looking for that plug?

Are you tired of get scammed for your money’s worth or not getting the quality service you deserve? Look no further, we are here to […]


$$40 - $3200

Risk Free Online Shopping & Delivery. Guaranteed.

Hello all budbay cannabis connoisseurs!! We are evergreen cannabis, family owned and operated since 2016. We’ve finally decided to take the plunge into the online […]

LA Cookies


The Future is Uncertain, Our Service is Guaranteed

With everything going on in the country right now, it can be overwhelming thinking about taking an L in a time like this.  We all […]



Alternatives a health collective – legal meds

Alternatives a health collective We are a legal dispensary retailer out of California license number C10 – 0000010 Alternatives we have some extra product if […]

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- Fred Rocafort

South Africa is one of the few jurisdictions outside North America that has legalized recreational cannabis, albeit under very limited circumstances. Appropriately for a country belonging to the common-law tradition, legalization was not the result of a legislative enactment, but rather of a 2018 decision by the Constitutional Court (“ConCourt”) of South Africa, which partially The post Cannabis in South… [...]

- Ethan Minkin

Arizonans knew zoning issues could cause headaches for dispensary owners. However, what was unanticipated are the new bans by some of the Arizona cities for recreational marijuana establishments. Shortly after the passage of Proposition 207, otherwise known as the Smart and Safe Arizona Act (the “Act”), several Arizona cities moved to ban recreational marijuana sales, The post Arizona Cities Ban… [...]

- Jihee Ahn

Last month, I wrote this post on the latest development in the trademark infringement lawsuit filed by Veritas Fine Cannabis (“VFC”) against Veritas Farms. Unfortunately for VFC, Magistrate Judge Michael E. Hegarty had issued a recommended order that the Court grant Veritas Farms’ motion to dismiss – and to dismiss the claims with prejudice (meaning, The post Cannabis Litigation: How… [...]

- Hilary Bricken

In my experience, lobbying is truly an art and not a science, and a very important art at that. And there’s been no shortage of cannabis lobbying over the years on both the state and federal level. Typically, cannabis trade groups (and there seems to be one for every cannabis topic now, including a recently The post Federal Cannabis Lobbying:… [...]

- Annalisa Barbieri

The joys of chocolate containing full-spectrum high-potency CBD+ I’ve always been fantastically suggestible; the mere sniff of someone being ill and I imagine I am, too. So the first time I tried Melt’s CBD chocolate I only read the instructions of what constituted a daily portion after I had exceeded it.I only read the instructions of what constituted a daily… [...]

- Mattha Busby

Prof David Nutt supports study into whether move could cut violence and deaths Proposals for prisons to trial a free scheme providing cannabis to inmates to ascertain whether it reduces violence, overdose deaths and addiction to stronger drugs have been backed by the UK government’s former chief drug adviser.Prof David Nutt, from Imperial College London, said he was fully supportive… [...]

- Letters

Decriminalisation is a welcome change of approach, but it must be accompanied by a strategy to tackle the broader challenges faced by addicts, writes Prof Harry Sumnall, while resident judge Roger Elsey says the victims of drug users must also be protectedDr Kojo Koram’s powerful opinion piece (Enlightened drug reforms are sweeping the US. Why is Britain so far behind?,… [...]

- Kojo Koram

While other countries turn away from the futile ‘war on drugs’, politicians here are still falling for the ‘evil’ narcotics narrativeIn 1942, the American political scientist Quincy Wright published a lengthy book about how to organise the world beyond endless wars. A Study of War cemented Wright’s reputation as an influential liberal thinker of the early 20th century. But Wright… [...]

- Bart Schaneman

MJBizCon will return as a live, in-person event in Las Vegas in October, barring any unforeseen developments related to the coronavirus pandemic, Marijuana Business Daily announced Monday. The 10th annual cannabis trade show, the largest in the industry, is scheduled to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center and will include an online component […] MJBizCon announces return to… [...]

- Pamela Moore

How long should you wait after using cannabis before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle? The answer is not straightforward according to a review and meta-analysis of the effects of cannabis on driving and driving-related cognition. While the study confirms THC impairs driving, there is no simple formula to determine how long to wait […] Review study: Cannabis and… [...]

- Pamela Moore

Across the US, an estimated 22 veterans lose their lives each day due to their post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to the California-based Battle Brothers Foundation, the causes of death range from opioid overdoses to suicide. In late February, the foundation received approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to conduct an observational study of […] US foundation will study… [...]

- Omar Sacirbey

Washington DC lawmakers have two recreational marijuana legalization bills to consider after Mayor Muriel Bowser and City Council Chair Phil Mendelson introduced separate measures. The move is significant because after District of Columbia residents voted in 2014 to legalize adult use, Congress used an arcane federal law to prevent DC tax dollars from being used […] Washington DC weighs competing… [...]

- 247CannabisNews

Lantern, a cannabis delivery platform that started operations in 2020, will operate as an independent private business in the wake of the sale of sister company Drizly to Uber. San Francisco-based Uber Technologies on Tuesday announced an agreement to acquire Boston-based Drizly, the nation’s leading alcohol delivery platform, for $1.1 billion, mostly in stock. Drizly […] [...]

- 247CannabisNews

Last week’s meteoric rise of GameStop’s shares made headlines, but what should be made of it? And what can we learn from it for marijuana? What happened with GameStop is a short squeeze. The same thing happened to Tilray in 2018, Volkswagen in 2008 and supermarket operator Piggly Wiggly in the 1920s. While it is possible to […] [...]

- 247CannabisNews

The owners of the Kool menthol cigarette brand filed a lawsuit that claims a California cannabis business has infringed upon its trademarked logo. According to Bloomberg Law, Kool owner ITG has sued Los Angeles-based Capna Intellectual, which does business as Bloom Brands, calling the cannabis company’s logo a “rip-off” of Kool’s longstanding brand image. The […] [...]

- 247CannabisNews

Consolidated Market Capitalization of US$112 Million Post-Acquisition BOCA RATON, FL, Feb. 02, 2021 — Stem Holdings, Inc. DBA Driven by Stem (the “Company” or “Stem”) (OTCQX: STMH CSE: STEM), a leading omnichannel, vertically-integrated cannabis branded products and technology company with an integrated Delivery-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform, today announced the timeline and process for the exchange of […] [...]

- WW

Insufficient management of cancer-associated chronic and neuropathic pain adversely affects patient quality of life. The post Medical Cannabis for the Primary Care Physician appeared first on Weed World Magazine. [...]

- WW

A medical cannabis expert has predicted that CBD-based antibiotics could be prescribed on the NHS in five years' time. The post Cannabis-Based Antibiotics Could Be Available On NHS Within Five Years appeared first on Weed World Magazine. [...]

- WW

Cannabis - Business -To make it easy for you, here are important tips to keep in mind as you start your investment journey. The post So You Want To Start a Cannabis Business: Advice For The Absolute Beginner appeared first on Weed World Magazine. [...]

- Lionie Mason

The kitchen compost bin was a source of inspiration for Weekday’s latest experiential collection. The post Weekday Dyes Hemp Denim with Avocados and Red Onions appeared first on Weed World Magazine. [...]

- Tiney Ricciardi

Charlotte Figi died last April after contracting what her family suspects was COVID-19, but her legacy lives in on in the medical marijuana reform she helped inspire through her journey with cannabidiol, or CBD. Friends and fan are invited to celebrate Charlotte at a virtual memorial on April 7. [...]

- Tiney Ricciardi, Noelle Phillips

Despite a global pandemic that disrupted many facets of commerce, Colorado’s marijuana industry experienced its most lucrative year on record with $2.2 billion in sales in 2020. [...]

- Alex Burness

State Rep. Yadira Caraveo said she is still revising the bill she plans to introduce this month, but one of the main provisions would ban legal marijuana products above 15% THC [...]

- Justin Wingerter

Rep. Ed Perlmutter thinks that this may be the year his SAFE Banking Act passes now that Democrats are in control. [...]

- Dan Roda

By Dan Roda, J.D., LL.M. Demand for medical and adult-use cannabis far exceeded expectations in 2020. The industry was declared to be essential, and from coast-to-coast revenue hit an all time high. In 2021, federal legalization of cannabis is inching closer to being a reality and an unprecedented level of capital is prepared to enter […] The post How to… [...]

- Ryan Douglas

Start-ups have two options for building a new cultivation site: they can either piece together all of the individual components that make up a cultivation facility or invest in a turnkey project. Although turnkey facilities initially cost more than do-it-yourself projects, they offer entrepreneurs the benefit of a reduced learning curve and a rapid entry […] The post How to… [...]

- Angela Preston

By Angela Preston With discrepancies at the federal and state level, a great debate is underway around the topic of marijuana testing for employment. Let’s take a step back and look at the laws and regulations surrounding marijuana use and screening. Laws and policies are rapidly evolving in this area, but why? There are two […] The post Three Ways… [...]

- Peter McCusker

SICILY-based Canapar – a vertically-integrated cannabis business – is set to begin producing its first CBD oils in the next few weeks. This will be the culmination of over two years work for a business initially conceived with support from Canopy Growth founder Bruce Linton. Canapar’s new extraction facility has the capability of processing two […] The post £20m Sicilian… [...]

- Editor

The cannabis industry continues to grow with each passing day. The fact that many states and nations are passing favorable laws drives this industry’s growth even faster. More people are accepting that cannabis is not all bad, as was purported before. Many are realizing that... [...]

- Editor

Kratom is a natural tropical Southeast Asian medicinal plant that has traditionally been utilized to manage several ailments. In these countries, it has historically been used as a general supplement due to its many favorable properties, notably its ability to reduce stress, discomfort, and insomnia.... [...]

- Editor

For decades cannabis researchers have been investigating the impact cannabis has on neurological diseases. Numerous trials have been run using medical marijuana and CBD tinctures to treat or reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. This is not the first medicinal trial of its kind. Cannabis... [...]

- Editor

CBD oil is widely used for treating pain, reducing anxiety, and stimulating appetite. But not all CBD oil brands are created equal and there is a large spectrum available on the market between inferior and superior grades CBD oil.   It’s important to find and... [...]

- Alisa Nagorny

Is Verano a solid addition to any Cannabis Portfolio? We've gone digging to find out. [...]

- Alisa Nagorny

Aphria offers 90% upside, but this return won't come for free [...]

- Scott Willis

See how Grizzle invests in the emerging cannabis industry. Our proprietary portfolio revealed. [...]

- Scott Willis

Kim Rivers talks catalysts, why she doesn't like debt and where future growth is going to come from in this exclusive interview. [...]

- Blazing Washington

This event has been cancelled, due to Covid restrictions, please check back with Rad Expo for 2021 dates.  Marijuana Venture has officially set the dates in Las Vegas for the 2020 edition of the annual RAD Expo. The sold out 2019 Rad Expo was a smashing success in Portland. In 2020, the event will be … [...]

- Blazing Washington

Washington dispensary chain Lucid and Nevada’s NGBN.TV are sponsoring the Ocean to Ocean Virtual Reggae Concert Series with the kickoff event on July 11th with emerging artists Jordan T., Tenelle, CRSB, and Swells OC. This is a four-part series featuring artists from all over the world. The first session of the series highlights reggae artists … [...]

- Blazing Washington

Marijuana Venture is hosting the magazine’s growing Interchange in Renton between July 21st  – 22nd. Growers and stores from all over Washington will be coming together in a speed networking type system that allows for a highly efficient use of time. BlazingWashington.com was able to catch last year’s November Interchange with over 40 stores and … [...]

- Blazing Washington

BlazingWashington.com is thrilled to launch the inaugural Local Uprising event at the Hard Rock Cafe, Seattle. Local Uprising will be a series of events in multiple genre to celebrate top talent in Washington. Our first event is non-cannabis related. In the future Local Uprising events will be connected to the industry, but for now BlazingWashington … [...]

Marijuana Warnings. (1) “Marijuana has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming and addictive.”; (2) “Marijuana impairs concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under its influence.”; (3) “There are health risks associated with consumption of marijuana.”; (4) “For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of the reach of children.”; (5) “Marijuana should not be used by women who are pregnant or breast feeding.”; (6) “The unlicensed sale of cannabis products by any entity not licensed for that sale by the State of California and/or your particular state and the locality within which that entity is doing business violates California law and/or your state law.”; (7) “The cannabis products sold by unlicensed entities may not meet the safety, quality, or other standards required for the lawful sale of cannabis products by the State of California and/or your particular state and/or local jurisdiction.”; (8) “Consumers who purchase cannabis products from unlicensed entities do so at their own risk.”