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One thing I find funny on this site is, even though suppliers are fully aware about how concerned potential buyers are about getting scammed, they seem to make zero effort to alleviate those concerns even though it’s a relatively simple thing to do. So I’m going to up the standards on here to VERIFY to all of you I’m super legit.

This read is a little long but, somebody has to speak the truth. So bear with me.

So you’ll notice that the photos or video links I post to this site will include proof that the photos or videos were taken the same day or near the same day they were posted. Click on the link right here if you think I’m kidding.

Now that you see I’ve got CURRENT legit supply, let’s get to why you should forget about buying from California, and consider a closer, equally/more affordable, more reasonable source region like Western Pennsylvania. Yeah, I know I know. “Since when did Western PA become a source state for quality Cannabis?”. The answer is, ever since Western PA became a 3 hour drive from the 2nd largest producer of cannabis, and the 1st largest producer and exporter of indoor cannabis IN THE COUNTRY.

I don’t know what you’ve heard about the Michigan cannabis markets, but Michigan is kicking Cali’s ass, for many reasons and Cali knows it. 1st things 1st, indifferent to Cali, due to Michigan’s geography and soil, Michigan grows nothing but INDOOR. Cali produces mostly OUTDOOR. And when Cali does export indoor, the prices and arrangements to make it happen are INSANE!

Think about it, say you’re the average local supplier picking up 10lbs-20lbs at a time looking to get it from CA for the best flower at the cheapest prices. What’s the 1st thing Cali says? “No Fronts!” And what’s the average low to high price? $1000-$1800? Leaving you, the buyer, with two options, drive up to the mountains to pick it up yourself, or get it shipped.

Let’s say you’re in Georgia.


Fuel cost each way…about $500 bucks. Lodging cost for one night each way(at least)$150. Food cost each way $100. Travel time? 88 hours. That’s almost four days. Are you going to take that risk yourself as the supplier? Probably not. So you’re going to have to pay a driver. Any driver worth their salt is going to charge you $2000(at least)for such a journey. That’s a whopping $3400 added to whatever you paid for the flower itself. And then there’s the risk of your driver getting pulled over. Yea. That’s what I’m thinking. “Total shit show”


So let me get this straight. You’re going to send $10-$20-$30-$40,000 bucks ACROSS COUNTRY, and then hope A)The money doesn’t get intercepted. B) Your supplier doesn’t steal your cash. C) The post office doesn’t take your box on the way back? Yea. That’s what I’m thinking again. “Total shit show”.

You could fly the money out, but that’s no easy or cheap task either.

Don’t get me wrong, all respect to Cali for what they’ve done over the years. But why go through all that when there’s 100’s of thousands of lbs of top shelf indoor in the Michigan region. I know all of this because I used to be the guy sending money, myself, and drivers to pick up from Cali. Drivers got arrested and went to jail. I got arrested and got probation. Lost many boxes over the years. But ever since Michigan came around, it’s been nothing but smooth sailing. And if you want, you can hop on board and reap the benefits as well.

You can drive/fly up to where I am, or get it shipped. Up to you. I’ll ship anything from ounces to whole units

5 lbs and under is going to be $1600 a piece. 6lbs and over is going to be $1500 a piece. If you’re a major player looking for 20 or more I suggest you fly up with no cash for a meeting and we can negotiate. Could definitely work something out.

If you think I’m bullshitting, call me or text me. Give me a random number, characters or code of your choosing and I’ll write it on a piece of paper and throw it right on top of my supply so you know it’s real.

Oz: $125

Qp: $400

Hp: $800

Lb: $1600

814-208-8022 on Telegram or regular text. Up to you. Please don’t call 1st I’d like to start off with text. Peace!

If I don’t get right back to you I’ll get back with you within 2 hours at least. If you’re serious as me you know this 420 game is a job just like anything else.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re only looking for O’s or Qp’s I’m TOTALLY open to shipping those out.

All pics are no flash no filter. I don’t have to fake anything

October 12, 2023 11:05 pm

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