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Real Deal–The Plug You’ve Been Looking For . Promotion run through out this...

Shipping Start small & work up. WHO is the only source that has it all, from the flower to oils, to shatters, wax, Pre-Rolls, Vape Carts […]

$Fair Market

Western Washington Grown.

Hello, Are you tired of being ripped off? Looking for a discrete personal supplier with a solid reputation?  We are Top Rated Pacific North West […]



100% Top Shelf Indoor (Gas) Flowers. Very high potent indoor, Frosty nugs w...

 We can start off small to do whatever we got to do to get the ball rolling.. Buy Straight from  the most trusted vendor!! High […]




Looking for real people, no games, no BS. Delivery is available! Top shelf Indoor and mid indoor. New product comes weekly Right now various strains […]



Packaged Infused Prerolls

I have infused indoor Packaged Prerolls ready to ship. These are 1gram of indoor flower with 200mgs of shatter mixed in the the flower rolled […]

LA Cookies


The Future is Uncertain, Our Service is Guaranteed

With everything going on in the country right now, it can be overwhelming thinking about taking an L in a time like this.  We all […]



Growers Direct All Qualities Mids-Zazas

We have been on the site for five years and are a verified user.  Customer service is always our #1 priority.  We understand that trust […]



Experienced growers looking to expand our operation through more outlets.

• We Always promise Quality, Variety and Consistency. We are licensed and experienced growers looking to expand our operation through more outlets. Why pay broker […]

Lemon OG

$600 & Up

Professional Plug

(951)535-0363. Units 600-2300 Call me up I’ll treat you right. Family run outfit. Instagram @talk_2_sampson_ii Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram, Text, Call My Brand New Telegram Channel! […]

Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 12.48.59 AM


Wholesale: All Top Shelf Carts//Exotic Flower Pre-rolls with packaging//Imm...

Text 424-731-6664 Quality Packs // Carts // Prerolls// Woods// The strain, the quality, the consistency, the freshness, the flavor, the scent, the benefits….it all starts […]



Alternatives a health collective – legal meds

Alternatives a health collective We are a legal dispensary retailer out of California license number C10 – 0000010 Alternatives we have some extra product if […]

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-22 at 6.36.04 PM (1)


Direct grower prices wholesale units !!!

I am grower with multiple farm & indoor operations with surplus that supplies wholesalers, dispensaries, delivery services, distributors, & patient’s. If you are looking for […]

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- Ethan Minkin

As noted in Ketamine Due Diligence: What A Buyer Should Know – Part 1, we have worked on several Ketamine clinic acquisitions, and one of the most important aspects of any deal is due diligence. This post will discuss some of the state healthcare regulatory issues a buyer will want to focus on for a The post Ketamine Due Diligence:… [...]

- Nathalie Bougenies

On March 31, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the much-anticipated “Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act“ (the “MRTA”). You can find our ongoing coverage of all things MRTA here. What isn’t obvious from the title of this new law, however, is that it includes provisions that may change how the state will eventually regulate its The post Will New York’s… [...]

- Hilary Bricken

Today is that hallowed cultural holiday for the cannabis industry, 4/20. Of all of the 4/20’s of the past, this one hits a little different (although 2015 was a nice year, too). We have seen so much political change in support of cannabis, including state-by-state legalization in the past year. We’ve also seen some fun, The post Happy 4/20! Why… [...]

- Ethan Minkin

In a recent bankruptcy decision by the Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Panel (“BAP”), the BAP had the occasion to explore some of the intricacies of how the Bankruptcy Code interacts with the cannabis industry. Burton v. Maney, 610 B.R. 633 (B.A.P. 9th Cir. 2020) (“In re Burton”). While, generally, a putative debtor cannot enjoy the protections The post Current Trends in… [...]

- Silence Charumbira in Maseru

Breakthrough could create thousands of jobs for villagers and help exports to other marketsA company in Lesotho has become the first in Africa to receive a licence to sell medical cannabis to the EU.The country’s top medical cannabis producer, MG Health, announced it had met the EU’s good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards, allowing it to export cannabis flower, oil and… [...]

- Felisa Rogers

Tuesday is 420, the day to celebrate cannabis and its culture. Growing up in Oregon it was part of our lifestyle. Now the suits have taken over but it’s not all badIn the beginning, there was weed. My dad and I would walk down the gravel road and up a path through the woods to his patch, where the plants… [...]

- Tess McClure in Auckland

From the outside, the country seems like a likely candidate for progressive drug laws but internally, change is proving hard to bringAfter New Zealand’s referendum to legalise cannabis failed, social service agencies across the country are seeking a new path to decriminalisation of drug use, but obstacles are plenty.On Monday, a broad coalition of social service, advocacy and health organisations… [...]

- Andrew Sparrow

Prime minister says easyJet boss right to ask whether it would be possible to use lateral flow tests for some returning travellers. This live blog is now closed - please follow the global coronavirus live blog for updatesEngland’s Covid vaccine programme could slow sharply, Sage warnsNo 10 refuses to rule out Covid passports being needed to enter shopsJohnson suggests simplifying… [...]

- Blazing Washington

This event has been cancelled, due to Covid restrictions, please check back with Rad Expo for 2021 dates.  Marijuana Venture has officially set the dates in Las Vegas for the 2020 edition of the annual RAD Expo. The sold out 2019 Rad Expo was a smashing success in Portland. In 2020, the event will be … [...]

- Blazing Washington

Washington dispensary chain Lucid and Nevada’s NGBN.TV are sponsoring the Ocean to Ocean Virtual Reggae Concert Series with the kickoff event on July 11th with emerging artists Jordan T., Tenelle, CRSB, and Swells OC. This is a four-part series featuring artists from all over the world. The first session of the series highlights reggae artists … [...]

- Blazing Washington

Marijuana Venture is hosting the magazine’s growing Interchange in Renton between July 21st  – 22nd. Growers and stores from all over Washington will be coming together in a speed networking type system that allows for a highly efficient use of time. BlazingWashington.com was able to catch last year’s November Interchange with over 40 stores and … [...]

- Blazing Washington

BlazingWashington.com is thrilled to launch the inaugural Local Uprising event at the Hard Rock Cafe, Seattle. Local Uprising will be a series of events in multiple genre to celebrate top talent in Washington. Our first event is non-cannabis related. In the future Local Uprising events will be connected to the industry, but for now BlazingWashington … [...]

- WW

MPs and peers are calling for funding for families forced to buy medicinal cannabis for their children privately. The post Families need cannabis prescriptions support, say MPs and peers appeared first on Weed World Magazine. [...]

- WW

The USA has seen an impressive progression of cannabis legislation over the last 12 months, with five states opting to legalise the use of recreational cannabis in November alone. The post The Ongoing Progression of Cannabis Legalisation in the USA appeared first on Weed World Magazine. [...]

- WW

Cannabis has been used for centuries for therapeutic purposes. In the last century, the plant was demonized due to its high abuse liability and supposedly insufficient health benefits. The post Herbal Preparations of Medical Cannabis: A Vademecum for Prescribing Doctors appeared first on Weed World Magazine. [...]

- WW

The mayor of London is to launch a review examining the feasibility of decriminalising cannabis as part of a new approach to tackling drug-related crime. The post Mayor of London to examine benefits of decriminalising cannabis appeared first on Weed World Magazine. [...]

- Laura Studley

The marijuana holiday 4/20 has come and gone, but the fact remains that people who use alcohol and pot are the riskiest drivers, even if the drivers consume the two separately. [...]

- Tiney Ricciardi

A point-of-sale system powering Colorado dispensaries went down Tuesday on the biggest marijuana holiday of the year. [...]

- Jennifer Peltz

As marijuana legalization spreads across U.S. states, so does a debate over whether to set pot policy by potency. [...]

- John Wenzel, The Know

As we celebrate 4/20 this week, consider hitting up Northeast Denver's DANK Dispensary, which sells great local products at good prices with excellent customer service [...]

- AggregatedNews

Officials continue to review potential appointees to the state’s Office of Cannabis Management and Cannabis Control Board — the entities to license and regulate the state’s new market for adult-use recreational marijuana — as New Yorkers wait on more specifics to enter the business. The board will make critical market decisions, such as the number… The post Business owners wait… [...]

- AggregatedNews

Pain left from oil-field work defeated traditional pain pills and dominated William Adams’ life — until he tried medical marijuana. But even as he began venturing outside his home for the first time in years, Adams discovered he couldn’t afford the cost. Medical cannabis typically isn’t covered by insurance or Medicaid because it remains federally… The post Medical marijuana legal… [...]

- AggregatedNews

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam on Wednesday signed a bill legalizing simple possession of marijuana beginning this summer, making it the first Southern state to do so and accelerating a revamp of cannabis laws that have disproportionately jailed Americans of color for nonviolent offenses. The bill, signed a day after April 20 — marijuana’s unofficial holiday — allows anyone… The post Virginia governor signs… [...]

- AggregatedNews

By Nathalie Bougenies, Attorney at Harris Bricken On March 31, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the much-anticipated “Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act“ (the “MRTA”). You can find our ongoing coverage of all things MRTA here. What isn’t obvious from the title of this new law, however, is that it includes provisions that may change… The post Will New York’s… [...]

- Editor

CBD or cannabidiol was discovered in 1940. It is a cannabinoid extracted from the Hemp plant, and recently, it has attracted a lot of attention.   After the legalization of its sale and consumption in 2018, it has helped to solve many ailments. These include... [...]

- Editor

  The marijuana industry is proving to be an increasingly profitable marketplace. In California, for example, the industry has already surpassed $5 billion in annual sales and has the potential to reach $7 by 2022. And with what now seems to be a limitless room... [...]

- Editor

As we get older, our bodies begin to change, and our overall health starts to deteriorate. We are past the prime of our lives, and we become more susceptible to many diseases. We must prioritize our health and take the necessary measures to address any... [...]

- Editor

One-hitters are easy to clean, discreet, and compact. It’s no wonder why they’re a favorite among many smokers. Most one-hitters have a small bowl size that allows users to conserve cannabis and smoke efficiently. They’re perfect for a hit on the go or a quick... [...]

- Alisa Nagorny

Is Verano a solid addition to any Cannabis Portfolio? We've gone digging to find out. [...]

- Alisa Nagorny

Aphria offers 90% upside, but this return won't come for free [...]

- Scott Willis

See how Grizzle invests in the emerging cannabis industry. Our proprietary portfolio revealed. [...]

- Scott Willis

Kim Rivers talks catalysts, why she doesn't like debt and where future growth is going to come from in this exclusive interview. [...]

Marijuana Warnings. (1) “Marijuana has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming and addictive.”; (2) “Marijuana impairs concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under its influence.”; (3) “There are health risks associated with consumption of marijuana.”; (4) “For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of the reach of children.”; (5) “Marijuana should not be used by women who are pregnant or breast feeding.”; (6) “The unlicensed sale of cannabis products by any entity not licensed for that sale by the State of California and/or your particular state and the locality within which that entity is doing business violates California law and/or your state law.”; (7) “The cannabis products sold by unlicensed entities may not meet the safety, quality, or other standards required for the lawful sale of cannabis products by the State of California and/or your particular state and/or local jurisdiction.”; (8) “Consumers who purchase cannabis products from unlicensed entities do so at their own risk.”