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Hey whats up Budbay? We’re a group of growers with extra meds — looking for clients who would like to get something going…. We’ve been […]

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MEDICAL GRADE CLONES FOR DONATION.  Clones are fully rooted in 16 oz. Red Solo Cups in promix.  Sex and Genetics are guaranteed. Strains: Gorilla Glue […]



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Green Crack / Sour Bubble Flower  (RNS) is 1200 Golden Goat / Limon Sour Diesel Flower (GG) is 900 Mountain Goat flower is 90 Branded […]

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ZenAsFuck™ GENUINE Connoisseur-Grade TerpSerum Carts – 90%!!! – Wholesale O...

If you are genuinely tired of all the crap out there and you are READY to make some REAL $$, you have found the right […]

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Dank Flower Delivery $800 Half Pound

Hello thank you for viewing my post. Today I am offering a half pound of top quality medicinal Flower for $800, the strain is blue […]



Old Skool blunts. LA only

The best blunts on the market, available for wholesale in Los Angeles area.   LA’s blessing 2gr. High-end flower, Natural tobacco leave, 1gr. of kief, […]


Over 50+ cannabis seeds strains available!!!

California Cannabis Seeds Breeder with 20+ years experience. We carry over 50 strains. All regs. Free US shipping. Ask us for complete list.  323 202 […]



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Hello We Specialize in Quality Units,Our strains range from 20-31- percent thc.You can pick up in dc or try our priority First class Shipping which […]



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Great clones available! Great deals available! All plants are rooted in coco medium in half gallon or solo cups No pest/disease Clean/green/healthy Strains available are: […]

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MEDICAL GRADE CLONES for donation.  Clones are fully rooted in 16 oz. Red Solo Cups in promix.  Guaranteed genetics and sex. Strains Available: Gorilla Glue […]




HERE ARE SOME OF OUR TOP QUALITY CARTRIDGES IN A VARIETY OF FLAVORS.. -710 KINGPEN (Skywalker OG Oil Cartridge) -FlavRx (Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge) -AUTO […]

Load em' up, move em out @topgenetics

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Beautiful, Healthy Exotic and OG Clones

We stock a wide variety of exotic and OG clones  — make this harvest your best ever. Clones: * Wedding Cake * Ice Cream Cake […]

#1 Cannabis Classifieds – Est. 2004

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Demand is booming for medicinal cannabis to treat a variety of conditions, but researchers and doctors remain cautiousMore Australians are using medicinal cannabis to treat a host of health problems as reports of its supposed [...]

Team of ex-firefighters given go-ahead to legally process crop for cannabidiol extractionJersey has become the first place in the British and Irish Isles to grant a licence for farmers to harvest hemp flowers for cannabis oil [...]

Campaigners dismayed as Nice decides there is not enough evidence to prove it helpsMedical cannabis cannot be approved for use in children with severe epilepsy on the NHS because there is not enough evidence to prove it helps [...]

How the “runner’s high” might be used as a tool to treat depression. [...]

Democratic candidates are pushing ideas that were considered radical just a few years ago. But the American public has changed its views, too. [...]

Two weeks after Louisiana patients began receiving medical marijuana, the program is humming along without supply disruption and with thousands of people receiving the drug for medical use, regulatory officials and the head o [...]

A new Congressional Research Service report on marijuana and motoring found that the presence of THC in a person’s blood is an inconsistent predictor of both driver impairment and performance. The report mentioned: “Research [...]

Researchers in Israel have completed a study which indicated that marijuana may help treat some of the severe pain associated with Fibromyalgia, an often-misdiagnosed musculoskeletal disease that causes widespread pain. No kn [...]

The Rockefeller Institute of Government recently released federal data regarding Americans’ marijuana use. It shows that monthly recreational marijuana use in non-legal states has increased 33% since 2002 and by 47% in legal [...]

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the “The Top 12 Alternative Dispute Resolution Strategies” webinar last week. We received a ton of questions on a lot of really interesting topics, and we will be spending the next few [...]

The final countdown is on for Round 1, Phase 3 retail licensing in Los Angeles. On September 3rd at 10 a.m., the L.A. Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) will open the flood gates to would-be Round 1 applicants. And in it [...]

California’s legislature introduced a potentially game-changing hemp-derived cannabidiol (“Hemp CBD”) bill in January 2019: Assembly Bill 228 (“AB-228”). For those of you who aren’t familiar with AB-228, see my posts here, he [...]

Updated August 2019 The State of Alabama has some of the harshest marijuana laws in the United States. Getting caught with any amount of cannabis can land you in jail for up to 20 years. Efforts thus far to legalize marijuana [...]

Updated August 2019 When it comes to cannabis legislation, California is one of the progressive states in the United States. It was the first state in the U.S. to legalize medical marijuana 20 years ago and in recent years vo [...]

Updated August 2019 Historically, the marijuana laws in Arkansas have been very strict, with small use and possession being misdemeanors. However, just recently voters approved a measure to legalize medical marijuana, with qu [...]

Willie's Reserve, the Denver-based cannabis brand from singer-songwriter Willie Nelson, unveiled its first partnership with a Colorado musician over the weekend. [...]

Officials say they seized $2.3 million worth of marijuana mixed in with a shipment of jalapeño peppers at a Southern California port. [...]

The recreational market continues to increase its share of Colorado's legal marijuana sales, with a new report showing that 66 percent of the total pounds of marijuana flowers and 86 percent of the total units of edibles [...]