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Healthy Rooted Clones , Huge Selection

Beautiful, Healthy Rooted Clones 310-494-6715 * Ice Cream Cake * Sunset Sherbet * Mochi * GMO * Mac * Sandae Driver * Banana Cake * […]



Fast Delivery, Exotic Top Shelf Flowers Carts And Oils

Signal:+1(410) 861-0838 High ~~~~~~~ Concentrates, Flower, And Carts Available Now! I currently have a variety of ~~~ shelf concentrates, flower, and vape cartridges available. We […]


$$ 25 to 175 lb

Fresh Bud Trim Wanted-full spectrum extractions

I do Professional quality full spectrum extractions, usually  with 3 day turn arounds.  Just completed expansion and need an additional 30 lbs of fresh bud […]


$250 - 3500

Fire wax no butane

I have some fire wax for 250 a once and 3500 a pound. Also have Sauce at the same price. Kevin 442-241-4225



High Quality Clones/Teens

Latest exotic names in rockwool and in peat pots, strong roots, healthy and robust, no PM, no mites, no chemicals..We specialize in tweens and teens […]

Chilled Extractions Live Resin (Sour Sherbert)

$Message Us

Connoisseur Concentrates! Live Resin, Rosin, CRC Tech, Rosin Sauce, Cured ...

Connoisseur Concentrates Are you searching for the highest quality cannabis extracts available? Welcome to Connoisseur Concentrates. We are a Southern California based company who’s initiative […]

Orange Skittles


Fresh packs available!

What’s up Budbay I’m back with alot Fresh packs in stock.I’ve been on this site for years took a break this summer for a few […]



California’s Best Cannabis

California Humboldt grown cannabis. We stay stocked up with a great variety weekly. My team and I work like any other successful company, consistency, reliability, […]



Healthy Clean Clones & Plants Many Exotics Mostly from Dark Heart Nurse...

We have several high quality genetics & exotics. Clean No Bugs or Disease. Most of our genetics are from the Famous Dark Heart Nursery and […]



Teens standing 18-24”

Well rooted teens 3.5” pots in soil. Large quantities; also cater smaller backyard gardeners. Available strains: Berry White 7 week flower Platinum GSC Gorilla Glue […]



ZenAsFuck™ Authentic Connoisseur-Grade Luxury TerpSerum™ – Now Availa...

Smile… you have found ZenAsFuck™ TerpSerum!! 100% Authentic, extremely high-potency, all-natural & Never Diluted. No Glycerin, no PG, no fake terps (and No Vitamin E […]



Runtz Teens

I have about 25 teens runtz plants for sale fed everyday with calmag veg a veg b, along with fish oil and molasses every 2 […]

#1 Cannabis Classifieds – Est. 2004

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- Eli McVey

Eli McVey, research analyst for Marijuana Business Daily, presented his research this week on how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced cannabis sales and the behavior of adult-use

- John Schroyer

San Francisco cannabis companies were warned this week that expected July Fourth weekend protests could lead to further burglaries, akin to how some criminals targeted marijuana bu

- Jeff Smith

Based on signatures submitted to the state this week, an industry-backed initiative to legalize a commercial recreational marijuana market in Arizona appears likely to get on the N

- Matt Lamers

Consultations wrap up this week on Bermuda’s proposal to legalize and regulate adult-use and medical cannabis, which the government says could spur new opportunities in the post-pa

- Alfredo Pascual

The German government has clarified the quantities and price of medical cannabis flower it could buy from domestic producers, confirming that growers have the option to sell – and,

- Jeffrey Stamberger

Your complete guide to what to expect when buying marijuana in a recreational state. If you live in a recreationally legal marijuana state or plan to visit one soon, you may be ask

- Kim Nunley

Updated May 2020 Kentucky has historically not been open to cannabis legalization. It has yet to legalize medical marijuana or decriminalize marijuana possession; however, possessi

- Kim Nunley

Updated May 2020 The U.S. capital, despite being a city, has its own set of laws. Although the District of Columbia hasn’t led the way in regards to cannabis policy, Washington D.C

- Kim Nunley

Updated May 2020 Historically Florida has had a strong anti-marijuana stance — but recently the state has made some significant steps forward. Recreational marijuana remains illega

- Kim Nunley

Updated May 2020 The State of Alabama has some of the harshest marijuana laws in the United States. Alabama marijuana laws state that getting caught with any amount of cannabis can

- Alison Malsbury

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote about the uptick in cannabis business suing one another for trademark infringement (as opposed to non-cannabis companies suing cannabis companies

- Jesse Mondry

On June 29, the folks at “Yes On IP 34” announced that the Psilocybin Therapy Initiative will qualify for the ballot this November in Oregon.  The campaign said it had collected ov

- Jihee Ahn

If you aren’t familiar with the TCPA, you should familiarize yourself with this important statute that is currently sparking a ton of litigation in the cannabis industry. The TCPA

- Alison Malsbury

Earlier this month the Canadian Federal Court handed retail toy store Toys “R” Us a victory in its trademark lawsuit alleging “depreciation of goodwill,” among other causes of acti

- Fred Rocafort

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“2018 Farm Bill”) legalized hemp by removing the crop and its derivatives from the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substances

- Mattha Busby

Mother of Alfie Dingley says parents are despondent at lack of access to full-extract oil There have been no new NHS prescriptions for full-extract cannabis oil since the medicinal

- Associated Press

Archaeologists say find at Israeli excavation offers first proof of mind-altering substances being used in JudaismIsraeli archaeologists say they’ve found cannabis residue on artef

- Ben Quinn

Norwich hospital in Europe-wide trial using plant ingredients to counter risk of seizures and brain injuryA newborn boy who was delivered by emergency caesarean section in March at

- Nazia Parveen

Sale of Bridge Farm for £66m could accelerate legalisation of drug in UK, some say A British cannabis producer has been acquired by a US-based private equity fund in a multimillion

- Charlotte Graham-McLay in Wellington

More than 50% of voters must say yes to the proposed changes for parliament to consider the changesNew Zealanders will be asked at September’s national election whether they want t

- Jennifer Rios

Broomfield City Council continued its conversation on whether to allow a ban on marijuana sales to expire and if so, how to take the issue of taxing those sales to voters in Novemb

- Michael R. Blood

Los Angeles moved Wednesday to reboot its once-promising legal marijuana market, giving initial approval to changes large and small to expand licensing and get more assistance to o

- Tiney Ricciardi

Many Coloradans who use cannabis daily believe it is safe to drive under the influence and say they would like to see empirical evidence that proves otherwise before changing their

- Tiney Ricciardi

Marijuana legalization has been touted as one way to unravel the consequences of the war on drugs, but two new studies suggest that the communities most harmed by the nearly 50-yea

- Tiney Ricciardi

The majority of Denver’s cannabis-focused businesses are owned and staffed by white residents, leading to a lack of opportunities for people of color to get involved in the industr

- Lane Trachy

In a surprising turn of events, a Canadian study has found promising evidence suggesting the potential for a CBD coronavirus treatment. The post Study Finds Potential for CBD Coron

- Lane Trachy

Charlotte Figi, the amazing girl who brought national attention to the issue of medical cannabis passed away on Tuesday, April 7th at the age of 13. The post Remembering The Incred

- Lane Trachy

The new collective bargaining agreement will drastically reshape NFL cannabis policy for the foreseeable future, making players less likely to be punished. The post NFL Cannabis Po

- Lane Trachy

California revealed that cannabis tax revenue has totaled more than $1 billion dollars in the state since January of 2018. The post California Cannabis Tax Revenue Reaches $1 Billi

- Lane Trachy

The first Utah medical cannabis dispensary will open on Monday, March 2nd, 2020. It is a major step forward for the state's new legal cannabis program. The post First Utah Med

- AggregatedNews

An icy breeze blows off the shores of Seneca Lake, rattling the glass panes of the Cornell University greenhouse in Geneva, a small city in the northern Finger Lakes about an hour

- AggregatedNews

Proponents of legalizing recreational marijuana filed the necessary signatures to the Secretary of State’s office Wednesday to put the initiative on Arizona’s November ballot. Smar

- AggregatedNews

The Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center, part of the Southern University System, together with Ilera Holistic Healthcare (Ilera Holistic), on Wednesday b

- AggregatedNews

Now that marijuana is legal for medical or recreational use in many states, growing numbers of Americans — including older people — are imbibing this popular drug. In fact, the per

- AggregatedNews

Last September, I spoke on the importance of a whole-plant approach at the 2nd annual Southern Hemp Expo in Nashville, TN. But it’s not the whole-plant message I recall, rather it

- Shea Gunther

Marijuana Today Daily HeadlinesTuesday, June 30, 2020 | Curated by host Shea Gunther // Colorado Governor Signs Marijuana Social Equity Bill Letting Him Expedite Possession Pardons

- Shea Gunther

Marijuana Today Daily HeadlinesFriday, June 26, 2020 | Curated by host Shea Gunther // New Jersey medical marijuana dispensaries can now deliver (Marijuana Business Daily)// Idaho

- Shea Gunther

Marijuana Today Daily HeadlinesThursday, June 25, 2020 | Curated by host Shea Gunther No news today- instead we’re featuring an episode of the Green Rush podcast with an interview

- Shea Gunther

Marijuana Today Daily HeadlinesWednesday, June 24, 2020 | Curated by host Shea Gunther // US Attorney General falsely targeted 10 cannabis companies, whistleblower says (Leafly)//

- Shea Gunther

Marijuana Today Daily HeadlinesTuesday, June 23, 2020 | Curated by host Shea Gunther // Montana group submits signatures for adult-use cannabis initiative (Marijuana Business Daily

- Maria Loreto, The Fresh Toast

A hit from a bong can be much harder to manage for inexperienced users than a hit from a joint. Get to know the different ways of consuming cannabis and tread carefully if it’s you

- Emily Earlenbaugh, Forbes

Is your dog suffering from canine osteoarthritis? A new study suggests that CBD may help dogs with this painful arthritic condition. Canine osteoarthritis is an inflammatory condit

- Lauren Yoshiko, Thrillist

Meet the sisters infusing their Dominican heritage and New York community into every bite. “Cannabis and food are two of the most communal things in the world. Both bring strangers

- Maria Loreto, The Fresh Toast

Anecdotal and scientific evidence suggests that marijuana can help people cope with acute insomnia. Sleep is easily disrupted by the state of our mental health. It makes sense then

- Global News

Aurora Cannabis Inc. says co-founder Terry Booth has retired from the company’s board of directors. Booth stepped down as chief executive in February, but had remained a member of

- Sean Hocking

Nobody can be surprised that they are finding raising capital a little bit of a challenge. SEC NOTICE UNITED STATESSECURITIES AND EXCHANGE … Read More...

- Sean Hocking

Tony Peter Clement PC  a former Canadian former federal politician and former Member of Parliament for Parry Sound has joined an Ontario-based company set to … Read More...

- Sean Hocking

Rather depressing to see that both weed smokers and companies are total philistines and worried that art will upset the process of making money. But … Read More...

- Sean Hocking

To provide a regulatory and licensing regime to establish a Cannabis scheme in Bermuda.This is designed to meet Government’s stated policy initiative to progressively … Read More..

- Sean Hocking

Arrests will only be made if there is an immediate safety threat or it is part of a separate felony-level investigation. Reports KVUE.The Austin… Read More...