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Very high potent indoor stains with frosty nugs with a loud nose with stron...

All strains are with a Beautiful dense, frosty nugs with a loud nose with strong smell, It’s Grown by professionals with care. Flushed properly and […]

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OG, GSC & GG4 IN 3” pots

Organic pest and disease free starts in 3 inch pots well-established $8. Text me at (916) 801-4442

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(VERIFIED USER) I highly recommend 20% Budget meds for your inventory-$1100–$1300. Also 60% of your inventory too be Mids, LIGHT DEPs.=$1400-$1700. Check out these Sweet […]

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Nipomo Greenhouse 015

$$6 and up

Ready for outdoor season?

Ready for outdoor season?  We stock a wide variety of beautiful, healthy clones and teens of all sizes —  everything you need to make your next […]

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Sierra Cannabis Collective – Farmer Direct

Top quality outdoor cannabis for sale. We collectively have over 50 years of experience farming. Everything is sun grown, organically, mold/mildew free and we still […]

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Fire indoor marijuana units by legit grower meet and greet anytime and we can talk about your future needs gorilla glue / chernobyl /master kush […]

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150 plus strains of cannabis seeds

I have over 150 strains of cannabis seeds that I have bread. all regular seeds no feminized or auto flower.  i have been breeding for […]

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California420clones.com and ClonesandFlowers.com; 916-678-0383 ARE YOU OUTDOOR READY YET? Clones (Babies rooted in Root Riot Cubes or similar) and Babies rooted in HYDRO and transplanted […]

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Delivery Year Round Top shelf

Delivery is available!! Medical Grade Top shelf greenhouse and indoor. Outdoor is available but it is flooded so I don’t usually deal with it. I […]

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Current Photo - Alien OG


24 Plus Inches In Size. Healthy Ready To Flower Teen Clones

Ready to flower teen clones. These teen clones are free of bugs, pests, and powdery mildew. Teen clones come in  1-gallon grow pots with coco […]

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Hash – $6/g

Phone: 415-408- 5312 (Text Preferred) Bubble Hash Concentrate most THC for your money. Total weight: 349g -> $6/g

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$Fair Deals

Trusted Source Meds,Wax,Shatter, Flower , Edibles,Vape carts & Raw uncu...

Whats up? We’ve got multiple units available for anyone interested. (Contact me for an updated menu). I carry products all year round so consistency is […]

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$fair market

So. Oregon Cannabis

A small group of growers with over 30 years of experience. Indoor & Outdoor. We also have Shatter, Vape Cartridges, Gummy’s, etc. We are looking […]

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#1 Cannabis Classifieds – Est. 2004

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They became the first medical cannabis provider in Florida to receive a Safe Quality Food certification. The post Curaleaf Florida Earns SQF Certification appeared first on Cannabis Industry Journal. [...]

Centrifugal partition chromatography is the key to achieving high-purity, high-throughput cannabidiol production. The post A More Effective and Efficient Approach to Purer Cannabidiol Production Using [...]

This year’s Berlin ICBC shows a deep bench of talent and a so-far bottomless demand for high quality medical and consumer cannabinoid products auf Deutschland The post Berlin’s ICBC: Meeting the Europ [...]

A variety of sample prep and testing techniques exist for analyzing terpenes, but some are clearly more accurate than others. The post The Other Side of Cannabis: Terpenes appeared first on Cannabis I [...]

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Six events to get you off the couch for at least a little while. Hippie Hill 420 Gathering Friday, April 20, 1 p.m., Golden Gate... The post What to Do on 420 appeared first on SF Evergreen. [...]

For pre-rolls that look exactly like regular tobacco cigarettes, Lucky 420 knows what time it is. Ever since high school, we’ve all dreamed of the... The post Lucky 420 Strikes Gold appeared first on [...]

Who in San Francisco delivers to your door, without requiring a medical marijuana ID card? SF Evergreen went comprehensive. More than two dozen San Francisco... The post Recreational Marijuana Deliver [...]

The 2018 SFFILM Festival is underway. If you’re under the influence, then these flicks are standout stoner picks. With 183 films from 45 different countries,... The post Spliff at  SFFILM appeared fir [...]

Parliamentary Budget Office rates fiscal benefits of Greens’ push to legalise, licence and tax marijuana • Sign up to receive the top stories every morningLegalising cannabis would reap the Australian [...]

The state’s glut of marijuana – over 1m lb of unsold pot – is in many ways the result of an industry still finding its feetTrey Willison, a cannabis farmer in Eugene, first started worrying last May a [...]

Richard Di Natale’s policy would also allow sales in licensed shops and up to six marijuana plants at home for personal useThe Greens have proposed full legalisation of cannabis – including for recrea [...]

Touting the benefits of ‘being present’, some parents claim marijuana helps with their job – but the facts are uncertainAn Oregon mother posted a photo last year of herself breastfeeding her baby whil [...]

A husband and wife were arrested in Pueblo County after a "citizen's tip" led to an illegal marijuana grow, according to the sheriff's office. [...]

A bill that creates a lane for the prescribing of FDA-approved CBD medicines in Colorado is now on the  road to the governor's desk. [...]

Two established purveyors of cannabis -- Euflora, based in the Denver area, and The Green Joint out of Glenwood Springs with spots along Interstate 70 stretching to Grand Junction — are seeking permis [...]

Joshua Binns, Seth Binns, Ryan Arellano and Mackenzie Fay sentenced to lengthy prison terms for their role in botched marijuana robbery in Elrya Swansea neighborhood that left Charles Polzin dead and [...]

The new cannabis product has created a booming but unregulated economy in Italy. Is it a bubble waiting to be burst? [...]

Some runners use marijuana to provide a mental or physical boost. [...]

Even as laws against the drug disappear, blacks convicted of marijuana offenses languish in jail. [...]

A proposal from the Greens party to make the drug legal for recreational use was promptly shot down by the government. [...]

A new study released by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health suggests that consuming alcohol increases the risk of dementia. Meanwhile, other studies indicate that marijuana use curbs the urge t [...]

Statistics Canada is using sewage from several cities throughout Canada to gauge marijuana use in the nation. Samples are taken from wastewater treatment plants. Canada has about 36 million residents, [...]

Lyft will be offering discounted rides in select areas on April 20. Their message is simple: “Don’t toke and drive.” The movie Super Troopers 2 is also being released on 4/20, and the movie is one of [...]

Humboldt Distillery is planning to celebrate 4/20 with cocktails using their cannabis-infused vodka, Humboldt’s Finest.  Their award-winning infused vodka is available in a growing number of markets a [...]

OLYMPIA — Washington is looking into allowing patients to have medical marijuana delivered to their door. The Daily Herald reports the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board is conducting a study [...]

Though it faces a monthlong shutdown, marijuana store The Herbery remains open for business and hopeful for an appeal. “We’re still open, we’re still running. We still feel good about the opportunity [...]

SALEM, Ore. — Officials in an Oregon county who have tried to restrict commercial marijuana production sued the state in federal court, asserting state laws that made pot legal are pre-empted by feder [...]

I’ve owned a couple one hitters throughout my life, but rarely ever used them. Typically when I’m on the go I bring my pipe with me or a vape pen, unless I need to be [...]

Yesterday, we received a call from Congressman Earl Blumenauer’s office here in Portland, Oregon. The purpose of the call was to discuss an idea to deal with the oversupply of marijuana in the state s [...]

When the Cole Memo was rescinded in January, uncertainty was rife on all sides of the state-regulated cannabis industry. Neither the regulators, the regulated, nor the unregulated knew what to expect [...]

Senator Mitch McConnel (R-KY) recently introduced S.2667, a bill which would allow states and tribes to regulate hemp production. The proposed law is appropriately titled the “Hemp Farming Act of 2018 [...]

California has 58 counties and 482 incorporated cities across the state, each with the option to create its own rules or ban marijuana altogether. In this California Cannabis Countdown series, we cove [...]