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We have certified kosher 100% organic clones and teens up for donation. We are looking to establish long relationships with farms and comercial growers. Many […]

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$fair market

So. Oregon Cannabis

We are a small group of growers with over 20 years of experience. We grow indoor Top Shelf Only.We are looking for some professional people […]

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$3 for 40

Jeffs Session Special

Go to @Jackswhite420 on IG for full menu. I also have some Paris O.G. wax that i’m letting go for $12. Sorry no big orders […]

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Norcal Greenhouse Light Dep Pineapple OG

Hello BB Organic greenhouse light dep Pineapple OG tested Grown in Mendocino CA 100 OZ 300QP 1100UNIT No shipping No trades No consignments Pick up […]

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$fair market

red dragonfly wholesale brokerage

RED DRAGONFLY WHOLESALE BROKERAGE. I am a broker. I work with many growers in southern oregon. I am looking for a couple of new clients […]

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Clones, teens, and ready to flower plants

We are K&J Farms and we have over 25 years of experience working with medical cannabis. Our nursery has been operating here in San Diego […]

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We have some beautiful clones in root riot plugs and cups in multiple strains, all medical quality cuts that yield premium flowers and good weight. […]

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$1600/LB, 850/hp

best quality indoor and outdoor grown (moonrocks, gelato n other top grade...

Medical and Recreational grade.  Top shelf indoor and outdoor grown. (858) 324-6583 Variety of good strains ranging from grade A+ to grade C looking to […]

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Amalgamated Growers of California, Inc. – Trinity County’s Premier Aggregate Grower. Producers of Trinity Gold Products . 530 784 3566 . www.agrowinc..com . Cannabis Cultivation […]

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Top Shelf Year Round Delivery

I am verified, I am reliable and able to help a few more people. Ideally looking for someone’s that can do 1-3 units a week. […]

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Platinum GSC clones

Platinum GSC clones in rockwool ready for transplant. Call/text 916-719-9545 to discuss available inventory

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(VERIFIED USER) I highly recommend 20% Budget meds for your inventory-$800–$1100. Also 60% of your inventory too be Mids, LIGHT DEPs.=$1200-$1600. Like These Light Dep-GSC!= […]

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Beautiful Healthy Rooted Clones. * Wedding Cake * Ice Cream Cake (Wedding Cake x Gelato 33) * Jungle Cake (WiFi 43 x Wedding Cake) * […]

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#1 Cannabis Classifieds – Est. 2004

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Removing both chlorophyll and purple hues in sample prep is possible with the right dSPE blend. The post The Grass Isn’t Always Greener: Removal of Purple Pigmentation from Cannabis appeared first on [...]

The battle to approve Israeli medical cannabis for export has hit a snag as Israel’s president bows to Trump’s request to halt the impending trade. The post Israel’s Cannabis Export Plans Evaporate in [...]

In the first part of this series, we’ll identify the key aspects of a hazard analysis. The post Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) for the Cannabis Industry: Part 1 appeared first on [...]

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson released an audit of the OLCC, detailing inadequate tracking systems, inspections, security risks and regulatory oversight. The post Audit Finds Oregon Lacking Reg [...]

Andre Schultz calls for decriminalization and states that recreational reform is on the horizon. The post Head of German Police Union Calls for Official Decriminalization of Cannabis appeared first on [...]

submitted by /u/askdudesrsly [link] [comments] [...]

submitted by /u/420Gangsta [link] [comments] [...]

submitted by /u/riyan_rhy [link] [comments] [...]

To begin with I smoke a lot but wasn't that familiar with edibles. Have had 10 and 20mg with a nice head high then I decided to take a 50mg chocolate last night to test my limits and yup that was [...]

Calaveras County just jilted hundreds of legal marijuana growers by declaring their operations unlawful — after charging them more than $10 million. Calaveras County is... The post CalEmbarrassed Coun [...]

My teenage self really wishes that extract pens had been around in the late ’90s. The technology obliterates the barrier to entry between not getting... The post Acme Elixrs Tangelo Helps Get You Thro [...]

These hop-based blends haven’t earned their three cheers quite yet. There is nothing quite like a nice cold beer, but with the release of AbsoluteXtracts’... The post AbsoluteXtracts SuperCritical Vap [...]

Are our old medical-marijuana ID cards useless now that anyone can buy legal marijuana? SF Evergreen investigates the new doctor’s orders. As the clock ticked... The post Wild Cards appeared first on [...]

You can now get old marijuana charges cleared from your record, and here’s here’s how to make your prior pot convictions go up in smoke.... The post Missed  Demeanors appeared first on SF Evergreen. [...]

As more US states legalise marijuana, more women are stepping up to meet the need for weed. Meet the entrepreneurs cutting through the stigmaLike most other American industries, marijuana has traditio [...]

Catering to wealthy people, today’s dispensaries aim to present the drug as part of a healthy lifestyleIntroducing the Guardian’s new cannabis column for grownupsOn one wall of 99 High Tide Collective [...]

As more US states legalise marijuana use, the race is on to find a drug version of the roadside breathalyserIn a sparely furnished, exceptionally clutter-free office in Oakland, California, Mike Lynn [...]

At 10, ‘Stephen’ was taken from Hanoi to London and then spent four years tending plants for a brutal drug gang. Now awaiting news of an appeal against deportation, he recalls his horrific experience [...]

A new survey of the cost of buying marijuana in 120 cities around the world suggests it is most expensive in Asia – but not necessarily cheaper in those cities where it is legalThe highly variable cos [...]

The situation isn't just a dilemma for immigrants, but also for the cannabis companies that would like to hire them. [...]

It's a pairing as natural as milk and cookies, or beer and pretzels. The Girls Scouts have decided it's now cool to peddle their baked goods outside marijuana dispensaries. Munchies, meet Th [...]

Greeley police used a confidential informant to nab a man was allegedly willing to purchase more than 5 pounds of pot for an out-of-state buyer. [...]

An alleged illegal marijuana grow in Fountain uncovered 100 plants and 5.2 pounds of refined, packaged pot. [...]

DEA officials say a rule on CBD is innocuous and administrative. Hemp advocates claim it's the opening salvo in a federal offensive against the American hemp industry. [...]

Supporters of medical marijuana in Vermont are complaining that fees meant to administer the program were redirected to the state's general fund, which was facing a nearly $30 million revenue sho [...]

In a sprawling complaint citing the benefits of pot reaching back 10,000 years, the suit seeks to decriminalize the drug under federal law. [...]

Though legal in Australia, medical marijuana is difficult to obtain. One teenager, Lindsay Carter, has become the face of the issue. [...]

To stop the opioid epidemic, we need to provide people in pain with an alternative to addictive medicines. [...]

The girl spent more than six hours closing sales, her father said. This is a growing issue for Girl Scout groups as marijuana legalization spreads. [...]

Alcohol harms the brain more than marijuana, according to new research. Researchers at the University of Colorado-Boulder completed a review of existing imaging data looking at the effects of alcohol [...]

It appears that Israel will no longer become the leading medical marijuana exporter it had planned because President Trump told the Israeli Prime Minister he’s strongly against them exporting marijuan [...]

Travel guru Rick Steves will visit the nation’s capital today, Feb 13, to advocate for legislation to end federal marijuana prohibition. Today’s events are part of a tour, during which Steves and othe [...]

Chicago decriminalized marijuana possession in 2012, and marijuana-related arrests have declined drastically since. The Chicago Police Department revealed it only made 3,168 marijuana-related arrests [...]

Recreational marijuana is legal in 9 states and Washington D.C., and a new Fox News Poll has found that a record number of American voters now favor legalization. The poll indicates that 59% of voters [...]

Sue from Cannabis Daily Record was awesome enough to contribute a review of the Vie Vaporizer for all my readers out there. Pictures used are my own and if you’d like check her out! Finding [...]

It’s a common stereotype that people who smoke weed are a bit foggy-headed and missing a few brain cells. But a new study from researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder found that alcohol is [...]

The state’s new pot-tracking system was hacked last weekend, and an “intruder” stole route information associated with four days of marijuana deliveries, as well as other information. “It was a breach [...]

 East Vancouver marijuana shop The Herbery faces a month-long closure after selling to an underage investigator from the state Liquor and Cannabis Board. The retailer, one of a trio under The Herbery [...]

Over the last five years or so curated boxes have become quite popular. They have boxes for gamers/comic lovers, people who love to snack, makeup/beauty enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts, they even hav [...]

Thirty states and the District of Columbia have laws that legalize marijuana for adult recreational use and/or medical use. Many of those states also protect employees’ off-work use of medical marijua [...]

A growing number of startups in the cannabis space are engaging brokers and online platforms to assist in their fundraising. This makes sense: as we’ve written previously, most investors (particularly [...]

We have previously discussed blockchain technology and the effect it can have on the cannabis industry here and here. This post serves as a more detailed analysis of how blockchain can and may disrupt [...]

Our Oregon marijuana processor clients often approach us with requests to draft agreements that will allow third-parties to process cannabis in the client’s licensed premises. Typically, the processor [...]

Commercial cannabis leases are different than other commercial leases in many important ways. In other respects, however, they can be quite similar. One item that tends to fall into the latter categor [...]