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Hydro gas

Fire real dope 1800 per pound i keep it I meet up we can video chat so you can see what it looks like looking […]

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most legit colorado dank buds

Fire indoor marijuana units by legit grower.  meet and greet anytime and we can talk about your future needs QP $600. HP $1000. LB $1700 […]

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Beautiful Healthy Rooted Clones. * Wedding Cake * Ice Cream Cake (Wedding Cake x Gelato 33) * Jungle Cake (WiFi 43 x Wedding Cake) * […]

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YOU HAVE A NEED FOR CONSISTENCY Humboldt County Arrives on the East Coast S...

In life sometimes trying to find the right person is like finding a needle in a haystack. Take my case for example, I am looking […]

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150 plus strains of cannabis seeds

I have over 150 strains of cannabis seeds that I have bread. all regular seeds no feminized or auto flower.  i have been breeding for […]

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4g 8ths + preroll delivery specials

The name’s Chris open 24/7 7 days a week Text or call for all deals and specials.. (619)335-8493 We also have… $60/half $110/oZ Sour Banana […]

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$16 to 2000

Top shelf dispensary 🔥..Washington state.

We have Top Shelf Dispensary quality cannabis. wax. shatter .oils .Edibles.clear. ..distillates CO2 infused. butane infused. hexane Etc looking for a good business partner family […]

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Cosnignment for the right person. Shipping available. Prices vary from 700-2400 We have it all ins, gh, outs, wax, pens Inventory changes weekly. Current menu: […]

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Delivery Year Round Top shelf

Delivery is available!! Medical Grade Top shelf greenhouse and indoor. Outdoor is available but it is flooded so I don’t usually deal with it. I […]

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We have top shelf certified kosher 100% organic clones and teens up for donation. We are looking to establish long relationships with farms and comercial […]

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Purple Punch Clones

Purple Punch Clones $8-12 Donation Depending on Quantity 10 Minimum Prop 215 Only Local Pick Up Email firegenetics@gmail.com

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Top shelf indoor fire!!!! Di not waste my time if you are from out of state & cannot drive to Boston to pick uo then […]

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This is the third and final in a three-part Cannabis Industry Journal series on the impact of blockchain on the cannabis industry. The post Paradox Or Paragon? A Non-Techie Look At Blockchain and Cann [...]

With some states mandating ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation for Cannabis Testing Labs, and some labs taking initiative to pursue this accreditation of their own volition, comprehensive compliance software [...]

With a written program, companies can keep track of how often their equipment needs servicing. The post Maintenance and Calibration: Your Customers Are Worth It! appeared first on Cannabis Industry Jo [...]

Having a solid food safety program can help make cannabis products safer and save businesses a lot of time and money in the long run. The post The Necessity of Food Safety Programs in Cannabis Food Pr [...]

There’s nothing simple about this needlessly complicated accessory. Technology’s best-selling point has always been that it makes our lives easier. The endless stream of gadgets... The post Firefly 2 [...]

A new day-long cannabis tour features the triple-whammy of cannabis, craft beer, and Cabernet in the green pastures of Sonoma County. Legal marijuana has given... The post Wine, Weed and Ale appeared [...]

The HAL 9000 of vaporizers — without the murder. I’ve always been a fan of pretty lights. Whether you’re taking in the show at Disneyland... The post The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer appeared first on SF Ever [...]

The Higher Standards Rig Kit is a handsome coffee table trophy rig, and the Supreme Clean Kit makes sure it stays that way. Water bong... The post Rigging Results appeared first on SF Evergreen. [...]

A display of non-psychoactive cannabis products before the Oscars highlighted the challenges of reaching customersIn the lead-up to the Academy Awards, stars were invited to stop by a string of rooms [...]

Law enforcement lacks resources to take on ‘routine cases’ and will focus on gangs and larger conspiracies, attorney general saysFederal prosecutors will not take on small-time marijuana cases, despit [...]

Baby boomers and Generation X-ers, take note: mindful drinking is not the only solution to mindless drinkingI heard some gossip recently about a sixtysomething Madonna-era DJ who had to be sectioned b [...]

Minister meets family of Alfie Dingley to discuss possible treatments after request for licence to use drug in UK was deniedA medical cannabis trial is being considered as a potential option for treat [...]

New Belgium Brewery debuts The Hemperor HPA on April 2. The hemp pale ale blends hemp and hops for an earthy take on the traditional IPA and smells like, "a loud bag of weed." [...]

An agricultural biotechnology company has launched a hemp grow operation in a newly renovated greenhouse space on the grounds of the historic Lafayette Florist. [...]

Congress this week passed a massive $1.3 trillion plan to fund the federal government through Sept. 30 and tucked into that 2,232-page measure -- which President Donald Trump must sign to avoid a shut [...]

A $1.3 trillion plan to fund the federal government through the end of September won’t include protections for the recreational marijuana industry -- a blow to Colorado lawmakers who tried to add that [...]

Cotton Plant, Ark., a small city hollowed out by racism and economic change, may get a boost from the state’s recent legalization of medical marijuana. [...]

More than 30 medical marijuana dispensaries are now open and operating throughout Maryland, a month after the state's long-stalled program got off the ground. [...]

A reporter explains that although the drug is now legal in the state, attitudes about it are anything but united. [...]

A program in Oakland that offers marijuana licenses to those with prior convictions contrasts with Compton, where voters banned marijuana sales. [...]

Medical marijuana patients and businesses that remain compliant with their state’s laws will remain protected from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and federal agents working under him, following a [...]

Former Miami Dolphins player Ricky Williams has debuted his own marijuana brand. The product line, Real Wellness by Ricky Williams, offers six products sold as topicals, tonics and vape cartridges tha [...]

Despite Nevada marijuana cultivators keeping up with demand, marijuana prices are still high. Ounces of marijuana flower are sometimes selling for more than $350, according to U.S. News & World Re [...]

The smoke is always dense and business bustling at Barbary Coast dispensary’s new marijuana consumption lounge in San Francisco. Only in California is on-site marijuana use permitted at approved recre [...]

There’s nothing better than getting high before a movie. Of course it depends on the strain, you want to be awake and focused, but when you find the right one that let’s you dive deep [...]

So you’ve been smoking weed awhile now and you’re learning more about cannabis and all of it’s wonderful components. There’s so much information out there on THC and CBD, so what are Terpenes? (A coup [...]

SALEM, Ore. — An Oregon sheriff and district attorney blasted efforts to regulate legalized marijuana, saying Tuesday the state is allowing black market operations to proliferate. The issue is especia [...]

Sue from Cannabis Daily Record was awesome enough to contribute a review of the Vie Vaporizer for all my readers out there. Pictures used are my own and if you’d like check her out! Finding [...]

Recently, we discussed the official report of the Oregon Secretary of State’s audit (the “Report“) of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s (“OLCC”) information technology systems, related to Oregon’ [...]

Today, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) released its proposed emergency regulations governing cannabis manufacturing in shared-use facilities. We’ve written previously about CDPH’s st [...]

More and more states are recognizing there is a pay gap between the genders. Washington is the latest state to address the gap through legislation. The near-final law, HB 1506, is commonly referred to [...]

Last week I spoke on a panel about compliance at the Cannabis Cultivation Conference hosted by the Cannabis Business Times. If you’ve been following the latest developments in California you’d know th [...]