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i am a small medical indoor organic grower.  i produce about 10  lbs give or take, a week . very high quality bud.  1000 a […]

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GSC Preteens and Cuttings 5-12 each

Fresh healthy clones in 1″ rock wool gsc, pest free, for 5 each Fresh healthy preteens in solo cups with coco/fox farms rooted in 1″ […]

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Cookies and Cream


Oregon Indoor Top Shelf Cookies strains (no Greenhouse or Light Dep)

Current Menu: Cookies and Cream, Do-Si-Dos, Sunset Sherbet My grows are all indoors under 1000 watt HPS lights and using premium nutrients. Equipment and procedures are […]

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distillate jar


Wholesale Distillate (Clear concentrate) CALL 707-200-7918

Distillate available. prices are not negotiable please don’t call asking for a deal! anyone that knows what this is knows the price is right. all […]

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Amalgamated Growers, Inc // Producers of The Trinity Gold Brand of Products . California State Cannabis Cultivation License . TC Distributor – Transporter License We […]

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Tons of Light Dep and Indoor cannabis for sale

Unlimited amounts of all types of quality Cannabis for sale at all prices. All freshly trimmed from our farms in Humbolt county, Santa Barbra, and […]

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*WANTED* I need a new Supplier please be straight forward

hey im posting this add in search and hope to find a new vendor. I dont want get into it but my last one was […]

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Tangerine Dream Clones

These are all the new clones I have as of now Chernobyl (trainwreck +Trinity+ jack ripper) sativa hybrid 80/20 mid 20% THC Extrema (chem dawg […]

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$600 to 1800

Don’t overpay Fresh Batch Units Starting @600

What’s up budbay, I’m Rick and I’ve got some of the best deals in the business.If you’re looking for a reliable plug and are tired […]

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Gelato33//Blue Cookies//Dosido//Candyland

hey folks, i have some extra clones available. Gelato 33 Blue Cookies Dosido Candyland Clean, no bugs or pm, no systemic pesticides. asking $10 each […]

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over 150 strains of cannabis seeds

I have over 150 strains of cannabis seeds that I have bread. all regular seeds no feminized or auto flower. i have been breeding for […]

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fresh indoor pacs direct from grower ready now safe shipping

we are indoor and greenhouse farmers, consistent and legitimate, we can start as little as a few grams to build comfort and trust, we’re looking […]

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Delivery Year Round Top shelf

Delivery is available!! Medical Grade Top shelf greenhouse and indoor. Outdoor is available but it is flooded so I don’t usually deal with it. I […]

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#1 Cannabis Classifieds – Est. 2004

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Tracy Szerszen, president of PJLA, details a list of the common issues labs should be aware of when preparing for ISO 17025 accreditation. The post Top 10 Common Findings Detected During Cannabis Labo [...]

This year, NCIA's Cannabis Business Summit will host the author of the Cole Memo to discuss his predictions for the future of federal cannabis policy.a The post James Cole to Keynote Cannabis Bus [...]

In Part 2, Dr. Askew takes a look at how potentially problematic laboratory cultures can affect test results. The post Quality Plans for Lab Services: Managing Risks as a Grower, Processor or Dispensa [...]

A QA system supports continuous improvement, reliable data sets and the very best in business practices for those in the cannabis industry and at cannabis testing labs. The post Quality Assurance for [...]

This subreddit has been getting crowded with information about the vote to legalise Marijuana in Canada we ask from now on all posts related to Canada are posted here for the time being. submitted by [...]

People’s Cannabis vape cartridges slash the price tag of a half-gram oil cartridge, but still deliver a high-quality high. A 500-milligram vape oil cartridge generally... The post Vape Value appeared [...]

The former Cafe Flore has plans to open its own dispensary in the Castro on a block that’s ‘kind’ of historic. In the past, an... The post Rolling on the Flore appeared first on SF Evergreen. [...]

Bon vivant foodie Tablehopper leaps into cannabis with the new low-dose edibles venture mymilligram, meant for ‘a microdoser in a heavy-hitter world.’ San Francisco’s hippest... The post Hop on Pot ap [...]

Marijuana-infused Pop-Up Potcorn pops the bubble of microwave mediocrity for an exceptionally tasty and terrific treat. Popcorn overeaters nationwide debate whether microwave popcorn is toxic... The p [...]

Margaret Gibbs calls for more medical testing, while Douglas Moffat wants an odourless weed before legalisationOne of the wisdoms of our healthcare system is its evidence-based approach to the use of [...]

The Canadian prime minister says marijuana will be legal nationwide on 17 October. Trudeau said in parliament that the government is committed to better protecting Canada's youth and hopes to tak [...]

Prime minister says measure ‘will almost completely replace the organised crime market’ Marijuana will become fully legal in Canada on 17 October, prime minister Justin Trudeau has said, ushering in a [...]

The murdered 20-year-old rapped about prescription drug addiction but we debate the merits of legalising cannabisThe smell of London in the summer is the smell of weed. Or whatever the groovy name for [...]

Some American parents who for years have used cannabis to treat severe forms of epilepsy in their children are feeling more cautious than celebratory as U.S. regulators near a decision on whether to a [...]

In their final debate Monday night before the June 26 primary, the four Democrats vying for a chance to become Colorado’s next governor tussled over everything from immigration and guns, to the state’ [...]

"Welcome to the party bus." That's what tour guide Alyse Morgan told 20-plus tourists who were riding in a marijuana bus tour on a hot May Friday. It was a rare chance for them to consu [...]

Colorado's cannabis industry appears to be inching closer to an anticipated sales plateau. The state's marijuana shops sold $124.31 million in medical and recreational cannabis during April, [...]

Some Canadians say the decision to legalize recreational marijuana will present vast new commercial opportunities, while others worry about stoned tourists. [...]

More people will get ticketed, rather than arrested, for smoking, but racial disparities could remain. [...]

As the city stops arresting people for smoking pot in public and the state considers legalization, a refresher on where the laws stand. [...]

Now that lawmakers in both houses have voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use, the government will give Canada’s provinces a few months to prepare for the law’s rollout. [...]

A bill to legalize and regulate marijuana for adult use in Canada received final approval from lawmakers on June 19. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet will choose the specific date on whic [...]

The FDA’s advisory panel has voted unanimously to recommend the synthetic marijuana drug Epidiolex for approval. Epidiolex, manufactured by G.W. Pharmaceuticals in the United Kingdom, is synthetic CBD [...]

After extensive research and development, a breakthrough has allowed ECOBOND Paint to successfully create a smoke and odor blocking paint specially formulated as a defense and protection against odors [...]

The Senate Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Bill includes a provision protecting state-legal medical marijuana businesses, and the Senate Appropriations Committee voted to approve the bill [...]

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A British pharmaceutical company is getting closer to a decision on whether the U.S government will approve the first prescription drug derived from the marijuana plant, but [...]

Hitting the Reset Button So after yesterday’s revelation, I needed a little help. Today, I walked into work and got to tell my coworkers about my stupid mistake. Thankfully, they sent me home with a p [...]

LOS ANGELES — A proposal in Congress to ease the U.S. ban on marijuana could encourage more banks to do business with cannabis companies, but it appears to fall short of a cure-all for an [...]

Well, I’m stupid… I guess it was inevitable that sooner or later, something would happen. A few days after my last post, I was about to put my four Blue Dream plants into flowering. Well, it’s [...]

Here we are a few years into legalization of recreational cannabis sales in Oregon, and it’s never a dull moment. Over the past week or so, there were three significant developments around the state w [...]

When California was getting ready to legalize adult-use and medically commercial cannabis sales on January 1, 2018, we all knew it would be a bumpy ride. Going from the collective, cooperative, and no [...]

So, what is Oregon OSHA (“OR OSHA”)? OR OSHA is the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Act. This law requires employers to “furnish employment and a place of employment which are safe and healthful [...]

It’s no secret that the City of Los Angeles has struggled with implementing its commercial cannabis program under the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Act (“MAUCRSA“). The licensing of existing medica [...]

Canada Becomes Second Country in the World – and First G-20 Nation – to Legalize Marijuana | Drug Policy Alliance Last night, the Canadian Senate approved The Cannabis Act, making Canada the second co [...]

Teen Marijuana Use in Colorado Still Has Not Increased Since Legalization: Report | Marijuana Policy Project DENVER — A new federal report shows rates of teen marijuana use in Colorado have still not [...]

Canada Becomes Second Country to End Marijuana Prohibition; Regulated Adult Sales to Begin Later This Year | Marijuana Policy Project OTTAWA, ON — A bill to legalize and regulate marijuana for adult u [...]

Canada: Lawmakers Reconcile and Pass Historic Marijuana Legalization Legislation | Paul Armentano OTTAWA, ON — Members of the Canadian House and Senate have reconciled and given final approval to C-45 [...]