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About ThirdNationGroup

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    THIRD NATION GROUP is a non-profit 501.3(c),that was created in 2012 to facilitate more access to cannabis. We created the GOLDN TEMPLE of CANNABIS and obtained church credentials to create cannabis into a sacrament under U.S. Constitutional law. So we teach and promote that according to many religions of the past and the current religion many Americans believe in, Christianity, there is religious proof in the text and spiritual ceremonies to endorse cannabis consumption for all of humanity.



    Race Fuel Clones

    Race Fuel is one of the OG that started it all for our experience with flowering good clones! I actually got into the genetics of […]



    Blue Mendo By the Pound from the Temple

    Please call or text to take part in this delight! Blue Mendo is a phenomenal cross of Mendocino with the key component of Blue Dream […]



    We have developed a menu based off of the needs of the people! We have several OG Strains like White Fire #43 and Triple OG. […]