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    Hey whats up Budbay?

    We've been a verified and trusted source since 2015 (check our stats). So if your looking for a solid Plug, then We can hook you up.

    NO Bullshit.
    NO Fronts.
    NO Tough Guys.
    NO Time wasters.

    So here's the deal, I'm not your Costco. I don't sell you everything, or make promises i can't keep. What I have listed here I can get you - ALL THE TIME.

    Currently We have:

    GreenHouse Packs: https://jpst.it/1Bt30
    at 1300. None of these can be broken down so please don't ask.

    There is
    1st pic : StarFighter OG
    2nd pic: Wedding Cake
    3rd: Pic: ChemDawg

    Moon Rocks
    Pre-Filled Carts (Uncut)
    Ready-Made Solutions; So you can Fill your own pens.

    Also, we Carry 2 Versions of Flower (Which I will update as the menu changes)

    As of 2/13/2019

    Purple Gushers (by Alien Labs)
    Barry White OG (by Exotics Genetics)



    Top Shelf

    Moonrocks (1oz Jars)

    Pre-Filled 1.0g Carts (W or W/o Label):
    @$23 Each

    Ready-Made Solutions:
    $400 (Makes 60 Carts)


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