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    we are the kern county medical marijuana collective. i'm a 54 yr old man and a socal native. i've been growing outdoors on and off since 78, but seriously for the last 13 years.. most of it indoors.

    we've recently found ourselves unable to keep up with demand, so i'm looking for 5 units a week of AAA, heavy indica greenhouse at the level of Private Reserve OG. cash in hand, no shipping necessary. i'm not going to meet you the first time with a sack of cash.. i'd like to meet and smoke before we conduct any business. for basic safety i'm not going to meet anyone without recieving your rec and ID, and talk to you on the phone. after living in L.A. my whole life and being on BT for 3 years, that's the way it is.

    i've had an account here for about a year, (a few years at BT,) but it went poof for some reason. i emailed BB but i still haven't heard back. as of 1/21 i've had one successful transaction with my new profile, but it was on budtrader.. my ad here is still pending... hopefully he'll pop over and rate me.

    i really like having a rating systems here, especially for an online marketplace like this. i expect to have 5 stars because if i just do good business, the ratings takes care of themselves.

    that's all for now, ganga on


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