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    $vary with size

    Cuts and Teens ready now!

    At Clones Bros and OGG Nursery Collective we have a variety of sizes and strains.  We have plants healthy and ready to go! We deliver all […]

    Clones and Teens



    Clones and Teens ready to be delivered. We have many strains at www.clonesbros.com There are many other strains, just call and ask. We do wholesale […]

    Boxed Clones


    Clones for sale, teen sizes also.

    Clones Bros Nursery has a variety of strains and sizes. We also have seeds at www.oggseeds.com Strain list for clones and teens at www.clonesbros.com Pre […]

    Clones Brush



    Clones Bros Nursery www.clonesbros.com We have a variety of strains and sizes. We can deliver anywhere in California, delivery charges may apply.  We are based […]

    MK Ultra Clones


    Clones for Sale Los Angeles

    Clones Bros Nursery Clones and Teens for sale! (562)265-9761 We have many different strains and sizes. Teen prices low! Some of the strains available: Girl […]



    Clones for Sale, Teens, Seeds and Seedlings also!

    Clones Bros Nursery has dropped prices for Christmas! Buy Clones, Seeds, Seedlings or Teens. Contact us for prices and strains. Some strains: Tangie, Sweet Dream, […]


    $Starting @ $12

    Clones, Teens and Seeds!

    $12 HEALTHY ROOTED Clones Delivered anywhere in California. Please call or text (562) 265-9761 Bulk prices start after 100 clones $100 minimum on all orders […]

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