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  • City: Corona
  • State: California
  • Zip/Postal Code: 91752
  • Listed: October 11, 2017 10:09 AM
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For your delivery, get 20% Budget bulk meds for your inventory-$1000–$1300. I highly recommend 60% of your inventory too be Mids, LIGHT DEPs.=$1500-$1700. Like These Light Dep-GSC!= $1600. With the balance of 20% going to your “TOP SHELF”= INDOOR, Boutique Small batch! MASTER KUSH! AND FIRE OG. $2200. Boutique Small batch ! SFV- OG. Tahoe-OG. SkyWalker-OG!= $2400.
I was on here for years as rhinomanmeds. Got hacked, but I’m back.
“caboxes.co” is an alliance of very large greenhouse and indoor growers which have over 50 years of combined success and experience in this industry.
We are strictly source and supply for you our client. We do not ship, package, front or consign.
My name is Jack and I can work with just about anybody that is balanced and sane.
This industry has been very good to me and many associates of mine. We can help you in a multitude of different areas, in this fantastic business, but first thing is to meet in person and get started.
The quote “you get what you pay for” is so true in this world of growing. The availability of these meds are a blessing and the donations are a bargain at every level.
For you people from other states, that want to come out here and get your Dr. Recommendation. Or in the near future “recreational” I highly recommend you don’t start out with a text like “Hi” or Whats up? If you think that is a way to start a business conversation pass me up. If your goals and intentions are to grind me down for low prices, while then turning around and ship it out of State, along with charging outrageous prices on the other end. (That folks, is my definition of greed.) Pass me up! You out of towners could use some basic knowledge of the work needed to produce these products. If you want cheap! I’ll provide you with untrimmed spears of plants. You trim it or pay others to trim it… you package and cure it! Stop grinding me on numbers… If you want better numbers? Grow it! Keep shopping and leave me with the normal reasonable “local” people that appreciate what we provide them. We don’t need you! I am only looking to work with a few people that recognize and respect opportunity. Peace…
By responding to this add you acknowledge you are not affiliated with any law enforcement agency.
The Numbers are suggested donations only.
By contacting through this site and advertisement you verify and confirm that you are:
*18 years or older.
*not law enforcement or affiliated.
*prop 215 medical card/Doctors recommendation holder, with valid identification. Call or text me direct 4 two 4 two two five zero nine three 2.
Let’s get to work!
Instagram @caboxes420
Here is my rating scale:
#1= Dirty Schwagg, Stress, brick.
#2= Outdoor has some dirty funk might be molded and brown, wild un-cared for.
#3= Nicer Outdoor has some seeds & or stems, rough trim maybe to much wood? Though a #3 has some bag appeal, with a low to hay type nose.
#4= Outdoor with bag appeal,a medium nose, maybe a little mold and or pre seeds (Early Girls are commonly #4) Last year packs #4.
#5 or #6 =Top shelf outdoor. Along with Very good GH! they have Great nose. No real seeds nice trim, no mold. Great bag appeal.Fresh(#5 and #6 are interchangeable)
#6=Green house (Mostly hoop house) may have some challenges but is 2 step up from 90% of outdoor, categories, Like nose, or frosty sparkle is better, and or bag appeal,flavor and taste … (Outdoor perfection is also a #6 very rare)
#7= “Environmentally Enhanced Green house” has cooling and humidity control. These are loud and frosty, glittery sparkle! They have great bag appeal.
#8= Commercial indoor, GH-Light-dep,Top shelf GH, these are great! Its good medicine. They have loud nose. Trim can be a bit off, they’re frosty! You can put them on the top shelf but they have room for improvement.
#9= Boutique grown, perfect trim job, loud nose! sticky dank fire! #9 is “Real Top Shelf medicine”.
Aah a #10! (Bo Derek running on the beach)= Blows us away! I have seen some tens and grown some but it is rare and very special… White hot fire!Most of us keep these for our personal use to show off.

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