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Looking to get into the newly emerging, high-demand psilo market? Of course you are, it’s booming like no other… and you have found the ABSOLUTE BEST available in the USA. That may seem like a bold statement, but it is 100% true. PSILOA™ is the sister company of ZenAsF*ck™ (who you likely already know and trust), and is the single ONLY company in the USA offering high-end, beautifully packaged, fully Branded, LAB TESTED Myco Exotics and psilo products. We encourage you to attempt find anything that even comes close!

PSILOA™ is the only brand trusted by multiple psilo assisted therapy retreats, M.A.P.S., Johns Hopkins & UC Berkley Research departments, as well as many certified psychedelic therapy providers, to provide the highly effective, highly unique and highly potent psilo materials they require… and once you have seen and tried ANYTHING from PSILOA™, you will immediately see why. That is a promise. This market is moving fast, legislation is moving fast, and the time to get in on the ground floor to have the option to offer PSILOA™ is now. Being 100% honest, as fast paced and profitable as this is, we cannot guarantee how long this option will be open to newcomers. The few select dispensaries/stores that have been allowed to offer PSILOA™ products have yet to be able able to keep up with demand.

You can easily check out PSILOA™ on the website: or on IG: @mypsiloa and if you would like to gauge what people are paying for their products, we encourage you to check out “The Psilo” on (dispensary). This industry is going to take off faster than even legal cannabis did, and just as with the cannabis industry, you will find everyone wants lab tested, packaged, branded, high-end, high potency products. The days of selling some shrooms loose in a bag are numbered, and the amount of $$ you can make will refelect this.

Available PSILOA™ Products:
1) PSILOA™ Gourmet Chocolate Bars – produced using lab-grade, psilocybin crystalline! Each candy bar has 10 pieces.
2) PSILOA™ “GlowUp” Mini Gourmet Chocolate Bars – 1-2 servings each
3) PSILOA™ “Ho’Opanopano Gourmet Chocolate Truflles – 1-2 servings each
4) PSILOA™ “Heroic Journey” Tea – STRONG! This is a single “heroic dose” artisan tea, one tea bag per package
5) PSILOA™ Artisan Teas – Multiple mushroom choices (A.P.E., Albino Avery, P.E., Golden Teacher, 38 Special, YETI, ENIGMA, Omni, etc…) and available in multiple artisan tea choices
6) PSILOA™ Microcybin & Neurogen – pharmacognosist formulated microdose capsules
7) PSILOA™ “Myco Exotics” – beautifully packaged, lab tested exotic mushrooms
8) PSILOA “Cubed PsiKey” Liquid Culture – produced in a professional mycology lab and drawn in a clean room to assure sterility (supply is currently very limited due to the recent Psychedelics Conference)
9) PSILOA™ OMFG Gummies – .25g psilo per gummy

PLEASE LOOK AT THE PRODUCT INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE TO INFORM YOURSELF PRIOR TO CONTACTING US. We are available via our chat line during normal business hours (9:00am – 7:00pm Pacific M-F, 10:00am – 8:00pm Pacific on Sat) at (702) 825-5226. Simply send us a message and we will be happy to assist you.

**If you are a previous client of ZenAsF*ck, let us know so we can verify your # and give you priority access. Yes, we are still ZenAsFuck like that! LOL**

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