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HIGHEST QUALITY INDOOR UNITS ! marijuanacoloradoconnect.com

Highest quality indoor marijuana. by most trusted reliable grower in colorado ! We are real growers and our pictures are real we don’t need to […]

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Looking for East Coast/Mid Coast

(Only work with cash before shipment). Looking for consistent east coast/Mid coast. I carry a large selection of Indoor products at different price ranges. (Contact […]

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Clones and Teens (wholesale)

Clones 2″ Rockwool or 2″ Coco bands $5 per 100 Teens 4″ pots 1′ minimum branched $8 minimum 50 Text for availability… 831-239-3364 Do Si […]

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I need some one who wolrdwide

I need some autoflower clones teen ill pay 5 buck each lets start with 20 of them call me 5128391397 no lames

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Beautiful Healthy Clones and Teens

* Wedding Cake * Ice Cream Cake * Jungle Cake * Animal Mints * Wedding Crashers * Purple Punch * Mimosa * Original Cut Thin […]

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Organic Clones



CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS 21+ WITH DOCTORS RECOMMENDATION “Arbor Nursery” (650) NURSERY “Certified Organic Clones, Teens and Seeds Delivered” Welcome to Arbor Nursery, California’s leading supplier of […]

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$$12 and up

Slab Daddy Concentrates

Hit me up anytime and ill get right back to you. No order to small and definitely no order too big. Please know what you […]

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Units avail

outdoor units available Medical grower Prop 215 rec with id only Email or text Alvda2018@gmail.com Texts 408-713-1525

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Year Round Delivery

Delivery is available!! Medical Grade Top shelf Indoor Flavors will change weekly with reoccurring flavors from time to time this is medical-grade. Absolutely no fronts, […]

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We got the best deals on the West Coast.*Unit starting at 1500 for TOP SHEL...

-This smooth hitting indica, Sativa bud will take you where you want to be quickly and keep you there for hours. Excellent nose, great bag […]

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Fresh Batch Units Starting @600

What’s up budbay, I’m Rick and I’ve got some of the best deals in the business.If you’re looking for a reliable plug and are tired […]

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Proanti CBD water Order online deliver to your door The best CBD water on the market Please contact us for wholesale orders www.proantiwater.com @proantiwater

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Very high potent indoor stains with frosty nugs with a loud nose with stron...

All strains are with a Beautiful dense, frosty nugs with a loud nose with strong smell, It’s Grown by professionals with care. Flushed properly and […]

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MedicinalMarijuanaClones.com for sale, established 5 years Premium Delivery...

This website has been online for 5 years, has had many orders but the owner has now moved to a non MMJ state. This website […]

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In late July, the first recall in the new regulatory environment was issued and days later, a different company issued another recall. The post Two Recalls Hit California Cannabis Market appeared firs [...]

In Part 4, Dr. Askew explains matrix spikes and duplicate QC analyses for those looking to vet their lab partners The post Quality Plans for Lab Services: Managing Risks as a Grower, Processor or Disp [...]

The 2018 JAZ Tank Challenge: Cannavation is the first of its kind in academia and will be accepting submissions through August 20th. The post Jefferson University Cannabis Innovation Competition Accep [...]

Epstein breaks down his best tips for success at cannabis conferences and expos. The post Getting Higher Results at Cannabis Trade Shows appeared first on Cannabis Industry Journal. [...]

Vital programs are being driven out of existence, but hope blooms for a legislative fix. You think your marijuana has gotten expensive since the Jan.... The post State Taxes Are Killing Charity Medica [...]

A Sativa-hybrid flower puts the grass in bluegrass with a chatty, sociable buzz that’s suitable for a music festival. There are no strings attached to... The post Strain Review: Pickin’ Banjo appeared [...]

A new THC-A isolate makes that claim, so we fired up Dip N Dabs to see if they really lifted that much weight. SF Evergreen... The post Is This the ‘World’s Strongest Dab’? appeared first on SF Evergr [...]

Bloom Farms upgrades its premium Highlighter vape pen with a sleek new design, a sturdier build with a stronger battery, and vastly more potent oil.... The post Gear Review: Bloom Farms’ Highlighter P [...]

Cannabis is becoming a cooking ingredient in its own right, as chefs create elaborate cannabis tasting menus at private dinners For most Americans, eating marijuana has long been about function over f [...]

US cannabis laws are slackening, and a number of enterprising women are tapping into female interest in the drug through magazines, cooking, health and fashionAs weed’s legal status loosens across the [...]

North Wales police and crime commissioner says ‘war on drugs’ will continue to fail without radical change A police chief has called for cannabis users to be allowed to freely grow and sell the drug w [...]

Advocates say CBD, a cannabis extract, can be used as medical marijuana for ill or anxious dogsHigh summer is hell for my goldendoodle, Monty. At the park, grass seeds and burrs catch in his woolly mo [...]

Federal agencies removed more than 71,000 marijuana plants from public lands during last year's growing season, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney's Colorado office. [...]

Denver dispensaries sold more than $587 million in marijuana in 2017 even as sales in shops in other parts of the state continue to grow. [...]

Drug Enforcement Administration and FBI agents joined state and local agencies in a massive, coordinated raid of more than a dozen suspected illegal marijuana growing operations across the Denver metr [...]

Four years after the legalization of recreational pot sales, state officials are another step closer to determining how the change is affecting the safety of Colorado's roads -- but many obstacle [...]

At Higher Standards you can shop for cannabis accouterments much as you would for wine or cupcakes. [...]

A federal court judge has ruled that a New Jersey business doesn't have to waive its mandatory drug testing requirement for a worker who uses medical marijuana. [...]

Gov. Mary Fallin has signed a revised set of emergency rules governing the use of medical marijuana in Oklahoma less than a week after they were approved by the state Board of Health. [...]

In 1977, New York State made carrying small amounts of marijuana in someone’s pocket a ticket-worthy violation, not a crime. But arrests soon skyrocketed. [...]

The Northern Mariana Islands House of Representatives just approved a bill to legalize and regulate marijuana for adult and medical use. The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands would be the f [...]

The long-term use of a cannabis-infused extract is effective at reducing pain intensity and mitigating anxiety and depression in patients with chronic pain, according to clinical data published in the [...]

Georgia, a country sitting at the intersection of Europe and Asia, has ruled that smoking marijuana in the country is legal. The sale and cultivation will remain illegal. A Georgian court said the “pe [...]

William Wrigley Jr. has moved on from the chewing gum industry and recently made a massive investment into the medical marijuana industry. Wrigley’s company was sold to Mars Inc. in 2008. Now he is in [...]

Major players in the beverage industry will follow Constellation Brands into the cannabis industry, Jon Taffer, host of Paramount’s “Bar Rescue,” told CNBC on Wednesday. “I don’t think anybody is goin [...]

TORONTO, Aug. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (the “Company” or “TGOD”) (TSX:TGOD) (OTCQX:TGODF) is pleased to announce today the deemed exercise of 3,910,000 spec [...]

Though we re only a little over seven months into 2018 this has turned into a banner year for the legal cannabis industry We ve witnessed a handful of marijuana stocks up list from over the counter to [...]

Tilray Inc. TLRY, +20.00% stock is up 21% in early afternoon trading Wednesday, after Constellation Brands Inc. STZ, -6.10% […] The post Pot company Tilray stock on rampage, soars 21% appeared first o [...]

SEATTLE — Washington’s penchant for getting high is trashing the place. Plastic “doob tubes” and small Mylar bags used to package pot are moldering in gutters, bleaching out in landfills and bobbing i [...]

The former head of the Wrigley gum empire is getting into the medical marijuana business. William Wrigley Jr., once the president and CEO of Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co., has been named chairman of the board [...]

WEST JORDAN, Utah — Brian Stoll faced a dilemma as his wedding day approached. For more than a year, he had been smoking marijuana to treat severe back pain, but to remain in good standing [...]

Police in Washington and Colorado appear to be closing more cases since the legalization of marijuana in both states, according to an analysis of FBI crime clearance data by researchers at Washington [...]

Cannabidiol (“CBD”) products are suddenly everywhere. But as much as opportunity and possibility have opened in the hemp-derived CBD industry, so too have legal pitfalls and snares that can confuse ju [...]

Many cannabis businesses are funded with debt. Sometimes, the debt is owed to one of the business’s owners, who pursued a debt structure for tax reasons. Other times, the debt is owed to a third party [...]

As I have discussed for the last two weeks, cannabis businesses have become increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. It is natural for a company victimized by data breaches to want to retaliate by hac [...]

Could the federal government protect the rights of federal employees to use marijuana in states where its legal? Possibly. A bipartisan bill was introduced in Congress on July 28 proposing to protect [...]

Marijuana Policy Project Hires Steve Hawkins as Executive Director | Marijuana Policy Project WASHINGTON, DC — The nation’s largest organization dedicated exclusively to marijuana policy, the Marijuan [...]

North Dakota Marijuana Legalization Initiative Qualifies for November Ballot | NORML BISMARK, ND — The North Dakota Secretary of State’s office confirmed Monday that activists have submitted more than [...]

Study: Use of CBD Products for Health Becoming Widespread | NORML SAN DIEGO, CA — The use of cannabidiol (CBD) products for the treatment of either a specific health condition or for general well-bein [...]

Legal Marijuana Sales Have Not Increased Youth Access or Use in Colorado | NORML AURORA, CO — The establishment of retail cannabis sales for adults is not associated with either increased marijuana ac [...]

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 14, 2018 — Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC:MJNA), the first publicly traded cannabis company in the United States, today announced that it has garnered national news coverage on NBC News’ [...]

CBD news, research, and products lead Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s headlines this week in major media outlets. CBD continues to become a household term as more and more people are becoming aware of its a [...]

Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s new hops-based CBD product has made waves in the media, changing the way we talk about access to CBD. The media in the U.S. can’t get enough of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s newe [...]

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 9, 2018 — Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC:MJNA), the first publicly traded cannabis company in the United States, today announced that it has garnered global news coverage in Westword new [...]