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GENUINE TerpSerum – Zen As Fuck™

  • City: Vegas & Sacramento
  • State: California
  • Zip/Postal Code: 96002
  • Listed: July 18, 2019 2:26 PM
  • Expires: 364 days, 10 hours
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Authentic TerpSerum – EXTREMELY POTENT


Our mission is to provide true concentrate and cannabis connoisseurs with EXACTLY what they crave. We only use top-shelf, terpene rich cannabis FLOWER. We never, AND WE MEAN NEVER, add any glycerin, PG, or any other gross tasting and unhealthy substances to our product. As a matter of fact, we do not add ANYTHING else to our product. PERIOD. All flowers are lab tested prior to extraction, and our final product is always lab tested batch by batch to ensure delivery of the highest-quality, richest terpene content & highest-potency products to our customers.

The premium vape carts that carry our superior product provide a SIGNIFICANTLY better experience. Utilizing the finest Japanese ceramic and an innovative design that uses nano holes for improved airflow, these .5g carts can handle high or low temperatures equally, even with thick, highly viscous distillate such as ours. Does that really matter? Hell yes. Smoother hits, fuller flavor and no compromise to potency whatsoever…. and you can reach ALL OF YOUR PRODUCT, down to the last drop.

PRODUCT WARNING: With a purity nearing 90% THC and 6% Terpenes, this product may not be suitable for the inexperienced user. Start slow, and please allow at least 15minutes for the “creep” to set in, even though you will feel the onset immediately. It is not just the THC that produces the effects in this product, but also the sheer volume of terpenes. If you find yourself in a position where you have gone from “Zen As Fuck” to just “Oh Fuck”… get about 10mg of CBD into your system asap. This will bring you to a much more manageable experience fairly quickly.

Look, we know there are cheaper carts on here. But as you know, that is what they are, cheap. 99% of it being really heavily cut (at best!), with maybe 1-2% being someone trying to offer decent homemade product in hopes of wading through all the scammers to reach return customers. We are an established Brand with a dedicated following. Our product itself is designed for the very highest impact and potency, and a half gram of our product will outlast almost ALL full gram products, and will definitely get them at least twice as high – with no negative side effects, no bad taste, no destroying their pens. Even if you ALREADY offer the cheaper carts, if you give people an OPTION to choose between them, you will find they will choose ours, and once they try it they will want it repeatedly. Offering our product can exponentially EXPAND your client base and give you a competitive edge in your market. We have never, and we do mean NEVER, had anyone who wanted to try our product and see “what they think” not come back to us with a hugely positive comment. Either you see it or you don’t, this ad isn’t meant for everyone. We are NOT looking for single sales, we are looking for intelligent, professional, safe, profit driven people for long-term, revenue generating wholesale accounts. We are 100% consistent and our product quality never changes. We guarantee it, and we guarantee it will increase your client base!

If you have never tried Terp Serum, you owe it to yourself and your customers to try it… and we 100% believe ours is one of the absolute best, globally. Yes, we said it… and yes, we mean it! Stop vaping or selling unsafe, diluted, contaminated Glycerin & PG riddled (or worse!) mudwater!! You and your customers deserve better. FYI, Our products sell for $45-$60 in Dispensaries.

TerpSerums: Girl Scout Cookies, Original OG Kush, The Mac, Lemon Gelato, Sherbert Cookies, Corleone Kush, White Tahoe Cookies and Irish Crème.

P2P is preferred, but we do guarantee delivery. No fronts or other ignorance. Safe, Sane and a Serious Buyers only. We are professional and branded with a high-end product and a dedicated following, and can raise your $$ significantly.


Instagram: @ZenAsFuckCarts

$900  per order of 50

Contact: zenasfuckcarts@pm.me

TEXT (only): (916) 291-3244

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