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Falling Film Evaporator From Synergy Tek Labs (916)259-9957

  • City: Sacramento
  • State: California
  • Zip/Postal Code: 95828
  • Listed: January 13, 2020 12:33 PM
  • Expires: This ad has expired
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Falling Film Evaporator

“Maximum Vacuum Equivalent to 14.7 PSI


-1/4 LITER PER MINUTE PACKAGE =4 Gallons per hour. Faster then the best RotoVap. $20,000.00

-1/2 LITER PER MINUTE PACKAGE= 8 gallons per hour. 3x Faster than the best RotoVap = $25,000.00

-1 LITER PER MINUTE PACKAGE = 16 gallons per hour. What’s a RotoVap??? = $37,500.00

1/2 GALLON PER MINUTE PACKAGE = 30 Gallons per hour. = $75,000.00

***All packages come with Circulation Pump, Vacuum Pump, Chiller, and Heater.****
-Monthly Service Packages available.
-Upgrades Available on Chillers, Heaters, Vacuum Pumps, and Circulation Pumps.
Call For Details.

1 Gallon Per Minute unit = $15k per month paid to Synergy Tek Labs, LLC
1 GPM = 4 Lbs per Minute extraction speed.
4Lbs per min is 240Lbs processed per hour.

@$10-$16 per lb processed to crude “current toll pricing after op-ex of 10-15%”. You earn roughly $2400-$3800 per hour before state tax and other fees.

If you purchase your own Bio-Mass 240Lbs
@10% Cannabinoids = 24 Lbs or 10.875L of Crude with a wholesale value of $2 a gram = $21,750 Per Hour. Deductions are roughly :
240 lbs @ $10.00-$60.00 per lb = $2,400-$14,400
10% op-ex average.

Net profit per hour before Local fees and taxes. $12,285.00 -$6,615.00 per hr.

Call For More Details.

Lease includes monthly service & maintenance of all gaskets, pumps. The first and last months rent is due upon signing of lease. Estimated lead time will be provided prior to signing lease. Lead times may vary “Dependent upon customization requests or requirements” . Typical lead time is usually 2-4 weeks with no “custom options”.

Sizes available:

½ GPM @$15,000.00 per month
1 GPM @ $20,000.00 per month
2 GPM @ $32,500.00 per month
3 GPM @ $50,000.00 per month
5 GPM @ $65,000.00 per month

All systems come with full service package. Once per month a certified Synergy Tek Labs technician will come to your location and service your machine to insure optimal performance and efficiency. All gaskets, seals, and pumps will be replaced and/or serviced.

You also will have access to 24 hr technician service. If your machine stops working we will send out a technician. Within 24 hours they will arrive to assess and begin repairs.

We understand that time is money and with that said we will always make sure your down time is minimal to none at all. Our equipment is built with longevity, endurance, efficiency, and safety in mind.

Why we lease? In this industry there is a lot of entrepreneurs that are looking to get into manufacturing concentrates. Instead of bringing on a large investor that takes a large piece of the pie they are able to lease equipment from Synergy Tek Labs at a more manageable start up capital requirement.

Add ons available. Email [email protected] for more details.



(916) 259-9957

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