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150 plus strains of cannabis seeds

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  • City: San Jose And Threw Out Usa
  • State: California
  • Zip/Postal Code: 95121
  • Listed: May 19, 2018 1:31 AM
  • Expires: 88 days, 9 hours


I have over 150 strains of cannabis seeds that I have bread. all regular seeds no feminized or auto flower.  i have been breeding for over 14 yrs now. you can email me at mcbrag2@yahoo.com or text me at 4088687608. place orders threw email only.

this is what I have in stock all regular seeds no auto flower or feminized seeds
I will ship orders over $150 plus shipping of $15 . pick up is in san jose

min per strain is 10 seeds

25 for $50
50 for $75
100 for $100

cherry pie x hollands hope
cherry pie x hollands hope x big bud
cherry pie x boss hogg
cherry pie x romulan
cherry pie x big bud
cherry pie x afghooie
cherry pie x acapulco gold
cherry pie x jack herer
cherry pie haze – (cherry pie x original haze)
cherry pie x blue dream
hawiian big bud x master kush
gorilla glue 4 x pure power plant
gorilla glue 4 x lemon
purple pre 98 bubba kush -(pre 98 bubba x gdp)
master kush x big bud
blue widow x white russian
white widow x sour diesel
bluw widow (white widow x blue berry)
white lavender (white widow x lavender)
white widow / white rhino x white widow / romulan
lavender x black berry
hawiian afghan (cheese x lavender)
romulan cheese
skunk 1 x haze
green ribon- (dream queen x white rhino)
cantalope haze -(haze x mexican landrace)
mexican landrace
mexican landrace x acapulco gold
mexican landrace x oaxaca
oaxaca landrace
red hair mexican landrace -(mexican skunk)
brazil amazonia
columbian gold x acapulco gold
columbian gold x brazil amazonia
boarderland og – og kush x mexican landrace)
riddler og
mango widow (mango x white widow)
green kush -(og kush x green crack)
og x white widow x romulan
inferno og x og
jesus og x og
og x g13 haze
og x mazar
og x skunk 1
special k- (og x northern lights)
og x haze
og 18 x skunk
purple skywalker og -(skywalker og x gdp)
skywalker og x romulan
skywalker og x god bud
kens grand og -(tahoe og x gdp)
tahoe og x jack herer
ultimate purple
bay 11
purple mass – (gdp x critical mass)
gdp x blueberry
gdp x pure afghan
gdp x lemon diesel
purple super silver haze- (gdp x ssh)
purple widow -(gdp x white widow)
purple gush (gush x gdp)
purple kush x black water
purple kush x white widow x romulan
purple crown (purple kush x jack herer)
purple kush x gdp
apple jack (jack herer x white widow)
jack skellington
green crack x blackberry
god crack -(green crack x god bud)
purple crack- (green crack x gdp)
kens gdp x boss hogg
purple gorilla
purple gorilla og
purple gorilla x white widow
purple gorilla x sour diesel
purple gorilla x lavender
purple gorilla x master kush
platinum purple gorilla
purple gorilla x blackberry
pruple gorilla x gdp
bubba kush
bubba kush x og
platinum bubba og
platnium bubba x skunk 1
dj short blueberry bubba
bubba kush x white widow
big bud x sour diesel
big bud x chem 4
big kahuna (Big Bud – Skunk #1 – Afghani-Hawaiian)
big kahuna x big bud
big kahuna x cherry pie
dreamberry (blue dream x black berry)
blue dream x lemon diesel
blue dream x acapulco gold
blue dream / chocolate kush x cherry pie
blue dream x cherry pie
sour dream-(blue dream x sour diesel)
romulan original x sour diesel
romberry ( romulan x blueberry)
black berry x master kush
charlie shien -(hindu kush x green crack)
chocolate rain x boss hogg
boss hogg x acapulco gold
g13 x nl1 x chronic
g13 widow haze – (g13 haze x white widow)
g13 haze x haze
white rhino
blue rhino- (white rhino x dj short blueberry)
white rhino x nl1
white rhino x nl1 x chronic
deep purple (purple urkle x querkle)
deep purple x querkle
purple elephant x boss hogg
purple elephant x white widow x romulan
old school hash plant x white widow / acapulco gold
champagne x northern lights 1 x old school hash plant
dj short blueberry
dj short blueberry haze)
blue god (dj short blueberry x god bud)
dj short blueberry x space queen)
blue mistic -(dj short blueberry x northern lights)
blueberry x master kush
blueberry x pure power plant
bummble berry aka blueberry gum (bubblegum x blueberry)
blueberry diesel x bummble berry
blueberry diesel x bluemoone shine
blueberry x lemon diesel
bluebery x big bud
blueberry x white widow x romulan
blueberry x acapulco gold
blueberry headband x boss hogg
blue god (blueberry x god bud)
thc blueberry bomb (blueberry x thc bomb)
blue mazar (blueberry x mazar)
mazar x white rhino
dark star
purple urkle x boss hogg
purple urkle x big kahuna
the purps x big bud
purple diesel (sour diesel x gdp)
super silver haze
super silver haze x og18 x skunk
blue dream haze – (super silver haze x blue dream)
super silver haze x cherry pie
grape ape haze -(grape ape x original haze)
strawberry haze -(strawberry cough x original haze)
critical super silver haze – (critical mass x ssh)
critical – (critical mass x white widow)
criticak skunk – (critical mass x skunk 1)
super silver sour diesel haze
blue dragon- (sour diesel x dj short blueberry)
sour diesel x master kush
sour diesel x black berry
sour crack (sour diesel x green crack)
sour diesel x cherry pie
sour diesel x big bud
critical lights -(northern lights x critical mass)
white lights -(nothern lights x white rhino)
clash of the titans – (northern lights x skunk 1)
kgb ( northern lights x g13 x romulan )
i have 5 strains that the bowls dropped of the seeds and got mixed up $..50 each gsc x blue moonshine , cherry pie x romulan x sour diesel , boss hogg x old school hash plant , romulan x blue moonshine and cinderella 99 c99
hich cbd strain all are $2 each min 10 seeds per strain $50 donation min
charlottes web og
blue dream x respect
cannatonic x skunk1
critical tonic – (cannatonic x critical mass)
cannatonic x dj short blueberry
cannatonic x kryptonite
cannatonic x ak 47
cannatonic x blue dream
canna – tsu
canna – tsu x dj short blueberry
canna – tsu x critical mass
sour tsunami
purple tsunami -(gdp x sout tsunami)
cbd skunk haze x sour tsunami
sour tsunami x critical mass
blue dream x sour tsunami
ac/dc x sour diesel
a/c/dc x green crack
a/c d/c x skunk 1
ac/dc x og kush
ac/dc x jack herer
ac/dc x white widow
ac/dc x sour tsunami
harliquien haze
harle- tsu
respect og
respect x dj short blueberry
cannatonic x respect
all gsc strain are $3 each min 10 seeds per strain
ac/dc x gsc
pre 98 bubba x gsc
purple gorilla cookies
raspberry cookies (raspberry kush x gsc)
ultimate purple cookies
purple larry og cookies
pineapple sherbert (pineapple x sunset sherbert)
dj short blueberry cookies
gsc x cherry pie x hollands hope
gsc x romulan
gsc x big bud
gsc x skunk 1
gsc x god bud
blue dream x gsc
critical cookies -(gsc x critical mass)
purple cookies (gsc x gdp)

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