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Clones & Teens For Sale

Clones Bros Nursery We have a variety of strains and sizes. We can deliver anywhere in California, delivery charges may apply.  We are based out […]


$starting @ $12

Seeds! Clones and teens

OGG Nursery and Clones Bros Nursery Collective We have SEEDS! Visit http://www.oggseeds.com/ We have plants! Visit http://clonesbros.com/ If you prefer to order by call or text, contact […]



Skip Seeds and Clones with our TEENS!

Clones Bros Nursery No need to stress over seeds no popping or cuts not rooting! Catch up with this grow season with teens starting at […]


Baked 420 Edibles!

Marijuana infused edibles! This week extremely potent funfetti cupcakes infused with both Godfather OG & Tropical OG! Heavy Indica strain. One edible obliterates pain and […]

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Canopy Growth deal will launch products infused with cannabis ingredient CBDThe world’s largest cannabis company has bought British beauty brand This Works for £43m in a deal that will see it launch a range of products infuse [...]

Store named after celebrity dealer Howard Marks sells legal products such as CBD oilHoward Marks made his name in the illicit drugs trade but the late drugs baron is making a posthumous comeback to cash in on a booming legal [...]

Companies are adding cannabis to smoothies or pairing it with herbal supplements to target a new class of consumersWhen really good weed is widely available, how does a business convince customers to buy theirs? The answer is [...]

Ten years after diagnosis, could I finally dispense with chemical sleeping aids? [...]

How one molecule from the cannabis plant came to be seen as a therapeutic cure-all. [...]

In March, both states seemed days away from a landmark legalization deal. Now inertia is feeding doubts that it can happen this year. [...]

The NFL is slowly moving away from its archaic stance on marijuana. The NFL and NFL Players Association (NFLPA) are establishing a committee to determine standards and policies for pain management treatment, which includes st [...]

Researchers at the University of Washington are about to embark on one of the most controversial studies in history: studying the effects of marijuana on babies throughout a pregnancy. The primary focus of the study will be t [...]

A new study says that CBD is successful in reducing cravings for heroin and reducing anxiety that is often experienced by those addicted to heroin. The problem with prescription treatment for opioid addiction is that they’re [...]

The banking associations from all 50 states and 1 U.S. territory sent a joint letter to leaders of the Senate Banking Committee on Monday, to urge advancement of bipartisan legislation that would protect financial institution [...]

Most states’ regulated cannabis regimes require licensed cannabis companies to use seed-to-sale track-and-trace software. In California, the state has contracted the entire track-and-trace program to the METRC program. The ME [...]

Resolve cannabis business disputes better outside of court — IF you have the right clause in your contracts. You may have heard about contractual agreements for “good faith” negotiations, mediation, arbitration and combinatio [...]

You can now shop for a full line of nutritious hemp seed hearts, hemp protein powder, hemp snacks, and hemp seed oil supplements on our online store. As part of our mission to bring all the health benefits of cannabis plant t [...]

Hemp is a nutrient dense superfood that makes it easy to get the important vitamins, minerals, and more that you need to be healthy each day. More and more, consumers are turning to all-natural products to boost the nutrition [...]

Important achievements from across our portfolio of companies helped drive record revenue and continued success in the opening months of 2019. Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our portfolio of companies and investments continued o [...]

Colorado doctors will soon be able to recommend medical marijuana to treat any condition they've been prescribing painkillers for. [...]

Having announced his retirement last week after 11 NFL seasons, Chris Long is now even more free to speak his mind on the issues that perplex the league (though he never really was afraid of doing that during his playing days [...]

It's become a predictable pattern in the era of legal recreational pot in Colorado. Every year, the state sets a new record for marijuana sales then, 12 months later --poof -- it goes up in smoke and a new record is set. [...]