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prop 215 patient with dank packs

hi small group of master growers here in southern California in the city of upland 91786. please look up where I am before you call […]


$Vary with size


We have a wide variety of sizes and strains. All guaranteed healthy, mold and mite free! We deliver all throughout California, just let us know […]



Skip Seeds and Clones with our TEENS!

Clones Bros Nursery No need to stress over seeds no popping or cuts not rooting! Catch up with this grow season with teens starting at […]


$vary with size

Cuts and Teens ready now!

At Clones Bros and OGG Nursery Collective we have a variety of sizes and strains.  We have plants healthy and ready to go! We deliver all […]



Sour Diesel/Blue Dream WAX OUNCES Made with SugarLeaf

I have several ounces of Sour Diesel/Blue Dream wax available for donation to prop215 patients. Made from Sugarleaf from both Sour Diesel and Blue dream […]



Banana Kush Incredible Sales

Banana kush up for sale, asking $80 per ounce to all 21 and over. Must be able to meet in Tacoma call or text anytime […]



O.G. Kush “AAA” Organic Light Dep

I have units of super loud O.G. Kush available now. These units are loud, dank, and cured to perfection with great bag appeal. I also […]

Clone Tray

$6 - 12

Southern California Clones – IE

Healthy, well rooted clones available for prop215 patients. Currently available strains: Abusive OG Lemon OG WiFi #3 Yoda OG Original Tahoe OG CBDB (Carolina Blue […]



Clones & Teens – Strawberry Kush Black Lime Reserve

Clones in DirT cups rooted to the bottoms — All cuts are taken from mothers from seed Teens as well New growth on all Pest […]




Beautiful, healthy, and fully rooted clones, preteens, and teens available. Ready to grow! -Fire OG -Socal Master Kush -Girl Scout Cookies *100% Guaranteed Genetics *100% […]



INDOOR OG KUSH sacramento area 29%THC

Local topshelf flowers for local prop 215 patients. 100 1/2 oz 200 oz No delivery/No units/No shipping Text 916 417 3666



Headband Kush – Organic – Outdoor

We ask very low donation amounts, as we feel medical cannabis should be readily available, at affordable prices for all SB-420, and PROP 215 patients. […]

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US Bible vendor Christian Book Distributors says its acronym has become confusing for customersAfter 40 years of trading, the American Christian bookseller CBD has been forced to change its name after customers in search of a [...]

The way THC operates in the body makes it hard to gauge its impacts, and plenty of drivers think it doesn’t affect themNobody recommends driving while high.But years into legalization, it’s not clear if stoned drivers have be [...]

A spike in deaths shows the failure of centralised policies. Holyrood should be allowed to try new methodsScotland’s drug mortality rate cannot be shelved as just another misery statistic. It has risen by 27% in a year and is [...]

Prosecutors say labs don’t have the time or equipment to distinguish between legal hemp and illegal pot. [...]

The relatively rapid acceptance of marijuana use in the United States has lawmakers and employers grappling with ways to adjust hiring rules. [...]

The company sells Bibles and other religious texts but it got calls about CBD, which comes from marijuana and hemp. [...]

The House’s marijuana banking bill, known as the SAFE Banking Act, now has 206 co-sponsors and its hearing will take place this month. Governors from 20 states and 50 state banking associations are supporting the bill, Forbes [...]

Lowell Farms gained approval from the city of West Hollywood to open a first-of-its-kind marijuana café. The café will offer both marijuana-infused food and an on-site consumption area. In California, marijuana consumption li [...]

According to new data from Nielsen, junk food sales have increased by 2% in the past 4 years where marijuana is legal. In states where marijuana is still illegal, snack sales increased by just 1.3%. Nielsen’s data also unveil [...]

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“2018 Farm Bill”) legalized hemp by removing the crop and its derivatives from the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) and by providing a detailed frame [...]

Each Saturday, we have been running a series of blog posts that take a close look at each of the Democratic Party candidates for President in 2020. We examine each candidate’s historic approach to marijuana law and policy, an [...]

On June 26, 2019 the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) issued a ruling in Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers Association v. Thomas invalidating a two-year residency requirement for Tennessee retail liquor stores. [...]

A form of cannabis extract, shatter is a hard, translucent concentrate similar in texture and appearance to glass. Learn more in our guide to shatter One of the most beautiful and photogenic types of marijuana products on the [...]

This time of year always calls for fun and festive meals with friends and family to celebrate the holiday season. This year, you can medical marijuana more holiday-friendly with these edible recipes. The post 5 Holiday Cannab [...]

An overview of hash: What it is, how it’s made, and how to use it. Collected and consumed for centuries, hash is a type of extremely potent cannabis concentrate that can be inhaled or eaten. Hash, also known as hashish, is ma [...]

Retail marijuana sales in Boulder County jumped $1.4 million in May compared to last year, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue, putting it slightly ahead of Adams County, but far behind Denver and Arapahoe countie [...]

New research suggests legalizing recreational marijuana for U.S. adults in some states may have slightly reduced teens' odds of using pot. [...]

Aspen veterinarians say they're seeing an increase in marijuana toxicity cases among dogs that eat human feces on Aspen-area trails. [...]