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indoor GODFATHER Purple Kush

Premium quality indoor* GODFATHER Purple Kush Grown, flushed and cured properly. Loud purple smell. Dense frosty indica nugs. Free delivery in Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Windsor, […]

$$1,500 - $2,200

Top shelf Greenhouse and indoor units!!!

I have many strands of green house units as well as indoor. Donations for greenhouse depending on what you get is $1,500 to $1,800. Indoor […]

Stock 5-5-16


Clones only- Delivery service

We have hundreds of clones available in 1inch rockwool cubes, rooted, hardened off, ready to be transferred into any medium. All clones come pest and […]



O.G. Kush “AAA” Organic Light Dep

I have units of super loud O.G. Kush available now. These units are loud, dank, and cured to perfection with great bag appeal. I also […]



Best Clones in Cali

We have hundreds of clones ready and rooted 1 inch Rockwool cubes ready to be transfered. Prop. 215 patients only with valid picture ID and […]

2014-12-12 12.31.12



Hello all I am finally here and i have great clones to offer all 420/prop215 patients. Clones come in 1 inch pots and have no […]



INDOOR OG KUSH sacramento area 29%THC

Local topshelf flowers for local prop 215 patients. 100 1/2 oz 200 oz No delivery/No units/No shipping Text 916 417 3666



Top Shelf O.G indoor Units

Top shelf O.G Packs by very experienced Cultivators. Quantity discounts available Skywalker O.G SFV OG GORRILA GLUE #4 GSC SUNSET SHERBET

platnium cookies


Top Shelf Indoor Platnium Cookies , OG Kush, & Purple


$$1,500 - $2,200

Top shelf units! Green house & indoor!

I have multiple diffrent strains of green house and indoor. All top shelf units great smell and color! Green house is $1,500 to $1,800 and […]




Super fire High grade GDP! A+++. Grown indoor hydro with an experienced cultivator with 20+ years experience. Definitely Top shelf Cannabis club quality. Must have […]




Og kush that has been properly grown dense dank smelling nugs tasty sweet smell, has been cured for 2 months and has been flushed correctly […]

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Elaine Levy says she has spent £30k on private supply despite prescriptions being made legalThe mother of a woman with severe epilepsy has put her house up for sale after spending her family’s savings on private prescriptions [...]

As marijuana becomes more acceptable and its consumer base grows, companies are aiming for prestigeDespite being expensive and sometimes rare, cannabis isn’t typically considered a luxury good. It’s too closely associated wit [...]

Siobhan Benita says the capital should make the move to tackle youth crimeThe legalisation of cannabis should be tested in London to improve public health and stop young people being drawn into crime, a London mayoral candida [...]

More than three-fourths of those sickened are male, health officials said, and half are under 25. Missouri reported the eighth death linked to vaping during this summer’s crisis. [...]

The U.S. government will spend $3 million to find out if marijuana can relieve pain, but none of the money will be used to study the part of the plant that gets people high. [...]

As the authorities work to understand the spate of vaping-related lung illnesses, a small-town drug bust offers a closer look at the vast black market for vaping supplies. [...]

According to Mexican Senator Ricardo Monreal Avila, the country’s legislators are prepared to begin debating marijuana legalization this week. Draft legislation is expected to be submitted in the next few weeks. Mexican lawma [...]

U.S. Representative Greg Steube introduced to Congress the “Marijuana 1-to-3 Act” last week. The bill would federally reclassify marijuana from a Schedule 1 drug to Schedule 3. It was sent to both the House Judiciary Committe [...]

A new study published in the journal Regional Science and Urban Economics shows that there’s a decrease in local crime rates where marijuana dispensaries are located. In Denver, for example, there has been a 19% decrease in c [...]

On September 11, 2019, the California Assembly approved SB-153, a bill aimed at making significant changes to California’s hemp cultivation law. As of September 13, 2019, the bill moved to “enrolled” status, meaning that it’s [...]

It can be difficult forecasting your business’ future in the rapidly evolving hemp industry. From the signing of 2018’s Farm Bill legalizing industrial hemp at the federal level, to the rise of CBD as a purported wündercure, [...]

The last few days we’ve seen a flurry of activity related to smokable cannabis products.  It’s been tough to keep track of everything that’s gone on, so today I’m going to take a page out of legendary Italian director Sergio [...]

Now your pets at home can benefit from CBD the same way you do with these specially designed CBD products just for pets. Medical Marijuana, Inc. is excited to introduce new hemp and CBD products by RSHO™ designed specifically [...]

Whether competing at the highest level or just looking to boost your workouts, CBD for athletes is proving to be a valuable tool for helping the body perform at its best.  CBD use among athletes has grown significantly in rec [...]

In our complete guide to vaping CBD, we discuss what vaping is, the benefits of vaping CBD, our CBD vape products from Dixie Botanicals®, and tips for how to vape CBD. Vaping has become wildly popular among consumers looking [...]

Between May 1 and July 31, the average price of a pound of dried marijuana sold or transferred from a commercial grow operation hit $999. That's a nearly $150 jump over the average the state recorded in July. [...]

Jay Jenkins says he hesitated when a buddy suggested they vape CBD. [...]

Authorities this week seized heroin, meth, opioids, weed, cocaine, mushrooms, and an assortment of firearms and arrested 10 people from a criminal ring operating along the northern Front Range, a press release from the Northe [...]