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Clones & Teens For Sale

Clones Bros Nursery We have a variety of strains and sizes. We can deliver anywhere in California, delivery charges may apply.  We are based out […]


$Vary with size


We have a wide variety of sizes and strains. All guaranteed healthy, mold and mite free! We deliver all throughout California, just let us know […]


$starting @ $12

Seeds! Clones and teens

OGG Nursery and Clones Bros Nursery Collective We have SEEDS! Visit http://www.oggseeds.com/ We have plants! Visit http://clonesbros.com/ If you prefer to order by call or text, contact […]



Skip Seeds and Clones with our TEENS!

Clones Bros Nursery No need to stress over seeds no popping or cuts not rooting! Catch up with this grow season with teens starting at […]



Variety of Strains

Clones Bros Nursery Variety of sizes clones and teens in a wide range. 6-25 inches All well rooted and healthy Get a head start with […]


$vary with size

Cuts and Teens ready now!

At Clones Bros and OGG Nursery Collective we have a variety of sizes and strains.  We have plants healthy and ready to go! We deliver all […]


$Starting @ $12

Clones, Teens and Seeds!

$12 HEALTHY ROOTED Clones Delivered anywhere in California. Please call or text (562) 265-9761 Bulk prices start after 100 clones $100 minimum on all orders […]




Beautiful, healthy, and fully rooted clones, preteens, and teens available. Ready to grow! -Fire OG -Socal Master Kush -Girl Scout Cookies *100% Guaranteed Genetics *100% […]


Top Quality Clones & Teenages

Top Quality Clones & Teenagers available for California Patients! The Clone Connect A Reliable Network of Choice Cloners -Proven and Accurate Genetics -Custom medium and […]



1991 Chemdog Clones – Babies – Ready to go 91 Chem

1991 Chemdog Clones ready to go All are in red solo cups with Roots Organic Original $10 donation each This is the real deal 91 […]


Looking for clones either in east coast or shipped to

Looking for healthy supply of clones. Looking to build long term relations with a clean and healthy source.

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Many people use the marijuana extract CBD for pain relief, despite sketchy evidence of its benefitsGeorge shrugs over a wooden table at the Shoulder of Mutton pub in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. You’ll find him here most da [...]

The rapper is the latest celebrity to get into the marijuana business as its legalization for recreational use has spread to 11 US statesBillionaire rapper Jay-Z is entering the fast-growing cannabis industry, taking a role w [...]

Twenty-eight arrested for riding electric scooters after using alcohol or cannabisPolice in Copenhagen have arrested 28 people for riding electric scooters under the influence of cannabis and alcohol.During the weekend 24 peo [...]

The company sells Bibles and other religious texts but it got calls about CBD, which comes from marijuana and hemp. [...]

The wide metal barn on the Utah alfalfa farm owned by Russell and Diane Jones will host their youngest son's wedding next month. By September, they hope the structure will be full of marijuana plants. [...]

A Florida appellate court ruled that the state's approach to regulating marijuana is unconstitutional, possibly allowing more providers to jump into a market positioned to become one of the country's most lucrative. [...]

According to new data from Nielsen, junk food sales have increased by 2% in the past 4 years where marijuana is legal. In states where marijuana is still illegal, snack sales increased by just 1.3%. Nielsen’s data also unveil [...]

According to a study published in the journal Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry, cannabis consumption may produce a protective effect against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Obesity is [...]

Researchers at Western University in Ontario conducted a study to determine why marijuana can make one person happy while another paranoid. The study, published in Scientific Reports, was conducted using rats to view the vary [...]

We’ve written a lot about cannabis M & A, entity selection choices, and financing on the Canna Law Blog and how these transaction and changes do not amount run of the mill transactions because of the invasive regulatory o [...]

Cannabis companies in regulated states like California often find themselves needing to report to their licensing agency or the municipal government that gave them permits when it comes to pretty much any change in their busi [...]

“A friendship founded on business is a good deal better than a business founded on friendship,” said John D. Rockefeller. In our experience, this adage applies with force in the cannabis industry where –because of its black-m [...]

This time of year always calls for fun and festive meals with friends and family to celebrate the holiday season. This year, you can medical marijuana more holiday-friendly with these edible recipes. The post 5 Holiday Cannab [...]

An overview of hash: What it is, how it’s made, and how to use it. Collected and consumed for centuries, hash is a type of extremely potent cannabis concentrate that can be inhaled or eaten. Hash, also known as hashish, is ma [...]

Get to know Cannabis ruderalis, a wild-growing species of cannabis that is popular among consumers interested in obtaining higher levels of CBD. The post Cannabis Ruderalis: What Is It and How Is It Different from Sativa or I [...]

Retail marijuana sales in Boulder County jumped $1.4 million in May compared to last year, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue, putting it slightly ahead of Adams County, but far behind Denver and Arapahoe countie [...]

New research suggests legalizing recreational marijuana for U.S. adults in some states may have slightly reduced teens' odds of using pot. [...]

Aspen veterinarians say they're seeing an increase in marijuana toxicity cases among dogs that eat human feces on Aspen-area trails. [...]