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We Have Great Clones From Our Mothers!! (Multiple Strains)

Uncle Budds Collective We Have Clones From Our Mothers!! Strain List: Critical Jack Killa Watt Platinum Cookies (GSC) Alien Og SFV Og Carmel Candy Kush […]

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****TEENS and CLONES****

Perfect timing for some amazing teens! These are going to save you 5 weeks of veg time! All teens will range from 12-16″ . These […]

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ca farms logo b


cafarms ……teens ,clones

CAFARMS. SO CAL NOR CAL HOME OF THE OGs girlscout cookie Platinum cookie” Cafarms Og Team32 Og. Ice cream Bat Og Wiz Og, Woody Og […]

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THEY ARE 1ST GENERATION, I HAVE A LIMITED AMOUNT Sativa/Indica: 20/80 GooBerry x Hells OG x Jack The Ripper The 9lb Hammer has strong, sweet […]

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Clones and Teens

The Pre-Ico Prefered SOCAL 215 Clones. First come first serve. 100% healthy, mold free, bug free, fully rooted, white roots. Ready to go Skywalker OG […]

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THEY ARE 1ST GENERATION, I HAVE A LIMITED AMOUNT Sativa/Indica: 20/80 GooBerry x Hells OG x Jack The Ripper The 9lb Hammer has strong, sweet […]

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A heavy duty true OG dominant hybrid, that takes things to the next level. Heavy Yielder for an OG The mothers were grown from seed, […]

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Cheap 420 Clones (san jose)

A rare strain of  Clones. We also have A rare strain of Platinum Girl Scout Cookie , Candy Land, Black Domina, Blu Cheeze, King Louie XIV, Kush […]

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GROWN FROM SEED, 1ST GENERATION, I HAVE THE SEED PACK AS WELL FOR VERIFICATION Sativa/Indica: 20/80GooBerry x Hells OG x Jack The RipperThe 9lb Hammer has […]

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DJ Short’s Flo & Blueberry, & Ancient OG CLONES

CURRENT STRAINS AVAILABLE: Ancient OG Blueberry Flo 9LB HAMMER( $20 ea.) The mothers were grown from seed, so these are 1st generation cuts All clones […]

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Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 12.05.02 PM



Based on an old Iranian landrace from the 70’s that may be the mother of all OG’s Deep earthy forest og aromas, with creamy citrus kush […]

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PROP 215 ONLY no large orders at this time, but I can set you up with a pre-order I HAVE A FEW CLONES LEFT OF […]

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Clones, teens,indoor outdoor packs

CA FARMS… Best Genetics on the West Coast!! From the Bay to Oc,,, Home of the cookies &Og’s Girlscout cookie MINT CUT. ” Platinum cookie” […]

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***Rooted Paradise***

Just finished this weeks batch! Trays and trays available. minimum order is 50 for 250. Very healthy. Bug and disease free. Sizes vary from 3-5″. […]

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Moral and medical arguments for banning cannabis use in sport have fallen away and former Olympic snowboarder Ross Rebagliati wants the authorities to take noteIn the years after he gave up snowboarding, Ross Rebagliati tried selling real estate, run [...]

University researchers say effects of edibles can be longer lasting than people realize after study reveals ‘striking results’Edible marijuana products are a small slice of cannabis sales in Colorado, but were linked to a large proportion of cannabis [...]

Regulation would be better than prohibition, writes Dr Colin Bannon. We need more research on which potential users are at most risk of psychosis, says Professor Ian HamiltonThe otherwise excellent article on cannabis thinking (Can we all chill out a [...]

Regulation has been unscientific and too restrictive. But the spectre of psychosis means some will always have to be waryOccasionally during my love affair with marijuana I would experience perceptual disruptions profound enough to freak me out. One [...]

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submitted by /u/BanksOfTheBassRiver [link] [comments] [...]

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https://www.businessinsider.com/marijuana-syndrome-vomiting-nausea-chs-colorado-er-visits-2019-3 The attached article discusses the increasing number of cases of CHS since legalization. In August of last year I became violently ill during a business [...]

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submitted by /u/punkthesystem [link] [comments] [...]

The highest of high holidays is soon upon us, and since we live in California, there is no shortage of products to choose from. In... The post This 4/20, Keep it Classic and Chill with a New Retro-Inspired Line of Modern Pot Cookies [Sponsored] appea [...]

Weedmaps has become a multimillion-dollar marijuana behemoth even as the company has been advertising illegal, unlicensed services in San Francisco (and nationwide). One of the... The post Weedmaps Riddled with Black Market Pot Delivery appeared firs [...]

The latest company to get in on the CBD craze may be our best option — so far. It’s possible that in 2019, we’re already... The post Keep Your Mind Sharp with Bloom Farms’ CBD Tincture appeared first on SF Evergreen. [...]

When it comes to DaVinci, smaller is better. Back in February 2018, I wrote a rave review about this model’s precursor. The DaVinci IQ vaporizer,... The post The DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer Is Just as Good as the DaVinci IQ appeared first on SF Evergreen [...]

To anyone who figured the path of legalizing recreational marijuana use ran along blue state-red state lines, a sudden setback for pot advocates in New Jersey may show the issue isn't so black-and-white. [...]

The 2018 General Social Survey, an annual sampling of Americans' views, found a record 61 percent back legalization, and those 65 and older are increasingly supportive. [...]

New Mexico would become the first U.S. state to set up its own government-operated marijuana stores and subsidize medical cannabis for the poor under a bill brokered between Republicans and Democrats, as a new wave of states weighs legislation that w [...]

Only 48 percent of Colorado companies with "well defined" drug testing policies will fire a worker for a first-time positive test for pot, according to data collected by the Employers Council in November. That's down from 53 percent in [...]

Edibles induced a disproportionate number of pot-related medical crises, an analysis of emergency room admissions in Colorado found. [...]

Lawmakers were trying to legalize cannabis with a bill that sought to reckon with the racial inequities caused by the war on drugs. [...]

Monday: New Jersey and New York be years apart on allowing the recreational use of cannabis. [...]

As pot is legalized, designers create collections in gold, diamonds and more. [...]

America’s long-time newscaster, Tom Brokaw, has been in remission for multiple myeloma, a type of cancer that comes with excruciating pain from cancer cells clustering in bone marrow. Brokaw was diagnosed in 2013 and has since become a medical mariju [...]

The Jelly Belly jelly beans creator, David Klein, just launched a line of CBD-infused jelly beans under the brand name Spectrum Confections. The product line features 38 flavors of jelly beans, WTKR 3 News reports, with each jelly bean containing 10 [...]

A recently published study shows that marijuana helps protect and heal the brain when it has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute surveyed 446 TBI patients to determine this conclusion. The findings c [...]

The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) has reported that state and local excise taxes collected from U.S. recreational marijuana sales (among the tax reporting states: Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington) surpas [...]

When Washington voters passed a ballot initiative in 2012 legalizing recreational cannabis, they did so with the understanding it would be tightly regulated. But Ty Camp, who runs a Sifton-based cannabis farm, wonders if the [...]

Emerald Enterprises, the owner of now-closed Sticky’s Pot Shop, has reached an agreement to pay fines stemming from defying Clark County’s ban on recreational marijuana retailing in unincorporated parts of the county. Sticky’s owner John [...]

Grace DeNoya is used to getting snickers when people learn she’s majoring in marijuana. “My friends make good-natured jokes about getting a degree in weed,” said DeNoya, one of the first students in a new [...]

HONOLULU — On the political spectrum, Hawaii is among the bluest of states. Democrats control all the levers of power at the state and federal levels, and voters back Democratic presidential candidates over Republicans by [...]

I’ve written extensively about trademark litigation matters involving cannabis brands, but up until now, the trend in these lawsuits has been well-known non-cannabis companies suing cannabis companies. To read more about these cases, see the followin [...]

We advise some of the largest companies in the U.S. on hemp-derived cannabidiol (hemp-CBD) products. Those companies are filled with lawyers, and the lawyers have many specializations. Most of them, however, have little or no familiarity with hemp-CB [...]

Our California hemp lawyers have been getting pummeled with questions about the legality of industrial hemp derived cannabidiol (“Hemp CBD”) ever since the 2018 Farm Bill was signed in January (and especially since our recent hemp and Hemp CBD webina [...]

It’s amazing to experience such an impressive international gathering like Spannabis taking place in a country where, regardless of the massive cannabis culture and high social tolerance, legislation on the matter is way behind, and keeps criminalizi [...]

Home Prices Spike Following Opening of Marijuana Retailers | NORML FORT COLLINS, CO — The opening of marijuana retailers is positively associated with rising neighborhood home values, according to data published in the journal Contemporary Economic P [...]

Medical Marijuana is Florida Law, Let’s Act Like It | Norm Kent Two years ago, Florida citizens voted for and passed a constitutional amendment allowing our residents to use marijuana medicinally. The law passed overwhelmingly, with nearly 72 percent [...]

Study: Medical Cannabis Associated With Reduced Opioid Intake in Pain Patients | NORML ROSWELL, NM — The use of medical cannabis for a period of one-month or more is associated with reduced opioid intake in patients with cancer and/or rheumatic pain [...]

Study: Medical Cannabis Use Associated With Decreased Hospital Admissions Among Patients With Sickle Cell Disease | NORML NEW HAVEN, CT — Sickle cell disease (SCD) patients who utilize medicinal cannabis require fewer hospitalizations as compared to [...]

Everything you need to know about how to use Dixie Botanicals® CBD Vape Liquid to have a great CBD experience. The Medical Marijuana, Inc. store offers a number of ways to get your CBD each day, including by vaping. By using vaping technology, you ca [...]

Everything you need to know about ways to consume cannabis extracts like oil, shatter, budder, sap, and isolate. Cannabis extracts are a growing segment of the cannabis market as consumers begin to discover their versatility and health benefits when [...]

Medical Marijuana, Inc. would like to share our appreciation for all those families who use our CBD products for giving us an important reason to do what we do each day. Ten years ago, Medical Marijuana, Inc. began our journey, setting out to positiv [...]

In many ways, the cannabis industry of today is unrecognizable to that of ten years ago and more. Here we explore the maturing cannabis industry and look at where it is headed. The cannabis industry in the U.S. and worldwide has grown out of the blac [...]