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Cartridges looking for long term relationship

Looking for long term relationship! Cartridges at $20 full grams Price available for bulk purchases Half grams available NO FRONTS NO GAMES NO BS***! BUYER […]

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Cartridges looking for long term relationship

We have top quality full gram cartridges at 90%. Many flavors available. Flavors you see in the ad are what we have also includes pina […]

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toll processing available for trim=crude, crude=distillate, trim=distillate...

HELLO CANNA FARMERS, we are a crude and distillate lab in Sacramento california that can turn you trim into liquid gold.   services we offer: […]

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73 MIcron Golden KIef

73 Micron Golden Kief 200/oz 700/qp 805-399-2420

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Wholesale Vape Cartridges

100% All Natural Ethanol Extract Lab Tested No Additive THC 70%+ Quality You Can Taste We have this is 1000mg in 10 different flavors. Grape,Skittles,MellonBurst,Pineapple […]

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RSO oil – concentrated THC oil

Our High THC concentrated oil (52 % THC) is made from the strain Purple Kush which is a Indica strain, only pure food grade non-gmo […]

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Clean 9165077290

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Holiday $SALE discount. Healing Backwoods blunts.

Very healing, slow burning blunts, each one has: 2 grams of high-end flower, 3/4 gram kief, Real, natural Backwoods tobacco leave, hand-roll, no saliva used, […]

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Half Gram Co2 Vape Cartridges, Hash, Rosin

Subcritical CO2 oil, no leak cartridge, no solvents, no pesticides! We have a variety of products of co2 oil from carts to dab syringes, CLEAR […]

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$please call

high quality extracts & flower

High Quality Extracts and oils at discount prices. Large selection to choose from… Top Quality Prop 215 Buds, Reaper Pie, BTY Og, Sky Walker Og, […]

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THC Shatter Vape Cartridges

High quality Shatter Vape Cartridges Full and Half grams available low as $10 with bulk order.. 20 bags Gummies with orders over 50 Moon rock […]

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At $60 a pop, this by far is Simply The Best RSO on the market that you will find… GreenShock Labs Presents: RICK SIMPSON STYLE […]

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Organic Golden BHO – Nug Run Shatter

Organic Golden BHO Nug Run Shatter 280/oz 950/qp

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good isolate.


CBD Isolate, Hemp Seeds. CBD Capsules, CBD Oils and more for sale

No time wasters.  Please visit our website link below and make your order.    We ship Worldwide . Website : www.cannimedcbdonlineshop.com CBD Bath Bombs CBD Capsules […]

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Flu jabs | Legalising cannabis | Anthea Bell’s Asterix names | Female guitaristsOn Thursday I went to my GP to have a flu jab (Letters, 18 and 19 October), only to be told they had no stocks for those over 65 and I had to come back in a fortnight. Wh [...]

As Canada becomes the first country in the G7 to legalise marijuana, Sajid Javid wants a clampdown on UK usersAre you an interpener, a budtender or just a cannasseur? Do you go for indica or ruderalis? How do like your trichomes? Would you give Dad a [...]

Trudeau completes election pledge with an end to a century of prohibitionMarijuana legalisation explained: key facts about Canada’s new lawsAt five seconds past midnight, Ian Power became the owner of the first gram of recreational cannabis to be sol [...]

Country becomes largest with legal national marijuana marketplaceCanada legalizes marijuana: here’s everything you need to knowThe Canadian government is ready to pardon those with a cannabis possession record of 30 grams or less as the country becom [...]

COMMENTS CLOSE 10/31 Please blow this thing up with MILLIONS of quality comments. Dot Gov Pages: International Drug Scheduling; Convention on Psychotropic Substances; Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs; ADB–FUBINACA; ADB–CHMINACA; Cyclopropyl Fentan [...]

submitted by /u/growmarijuanaseeds [link] [comments] [...]

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Although they pack an outstanding oil that could be loved, their rickety build sometimes leaves your vape pen’s airflow jammin’. As celebrity stoners like Snoop... The post Smoke Up, Stand Up, with Marley Natural Cartridges appeared first on SF Everg [...]

It’s tough to find even a single joint under $20 these days, but Loudpack’s primo pre-rolls deliver kind bud on a budget. You may have... The post Thrift Spliff: Loudpack Farms Brings Back the Single Joint appeared first on SF Evergreen. [...]

As Canada prepares to legalize weed nationwide, America picks a new fight to smoke Canadian investment out of the U.S. President Trump’s border obsession doesn’t... The post Borderline Insanity: (Don’t) Blame Canada appeared first on SF Evergreen. [...]

Meet the San Francisco chefs cooking up Infused fusion dinners, with some kind words about their favorite edible treat recommendations. California law does not allow... The post Chief D’oeuvre: The Art of the Cannabis Dinner appeared first on SF Ever [...]

Want to vape weed at a bar? It's not happening anytime soon, according to a new letter from five different Colorado state agencies to the Denver City Council. [...]

As the push to legalize marijuana gains momentum, so is evidence that more permissive policies on the drug are putting motorists at risk. [...]

Marijuana sales in Colorado have exceeded $1 billion as of August of this year, with tax revenue from those sales coming in at $200 million, according to a report. [...]

Nationwide recreational marijuana legalization makes Canada a fertile landscape for ganjaprenuers. While some Colorado companies are already cashing in on opportunities north of the border, the effect on the local cannabis landscape is expected to be [...]

A reader lists the forward-looking qualities of Canada’s prime minister. [...]

After 95 years of prohibition, Canada has legalized marijuana. We met with buyers, sellers, growers and students to hear what they had to say. [...]

A special edition of the Canada Letter looks at the day marijuana became legal. [...]

At a news conference, Ralph Goodale, Canada’s public safety minister, said the government would introduce legislation to make it easier for Canadians convicted of possessing small amounts of marijuana to obtain a pardon. [...]

Vivien Azer, a top cannabis research analyst, recently tripled her initial price forecast for Tilray, one of Canada’s biggest marijuana producers and retailers. “With cannabis, you’re talking about this massive step change in terms of the addressable [...]

Scientists at Space Tango, a bioengineering company, are going to send hemp plants into outer space to learn how the plants respond to microgravity environments. The plants will be placed into a special box, loaded onto a rocket and sent 250 miles in [...]

New information by Arcview Market Research shows that U.S. marijuana users spent $1 billion on edibles in 2018. Between sales spiking in the U.S. and Canada’s legalization, the industry could easily be worth $4.1 billion by 2022. Product variety has [...]

Walmart, the largest private employer in the world, is giving serious thought to selling CBD products in its Canadian stores. The products would be shelved near other analgesics like Tylenol. The mammoth retailer already sells hemp oil products on it [...]

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LOS ANGELES — California moved a step closer Friday to allowing marijuana deliveries in communities that have banned retail sales of the drug as regulators rebuffed cities and police chiefs who are opposed to the [...]

WASHINGTON — Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer, one of Congress’ most vocal marijuana proponents, sent Democratic leadership a memo Wednesday outlining steps Congress should take to legalize the Schedule I drug. “Congress is out of step [...]

LANSING, Mich. — Backers of broad marijuana legalization are looking to break through a geographic barrier in November and get their first foothold in the Midwest after a string of election victories in Northeastern and [...]

The long awaited trailer for Vice came out today. Christian Bale plays Dick Cheney and the trailer opens up with George W Bush (played by Sam Rockwell) trying to recruit him as his Vice President. Dick [...]

On Friday, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, California Department of Public Health, and California Department of Food and Agriculture issued 15-day notices of modification to the texts of their respective proposed regulations. The Californi [...]

In 2017 Oregon passed sweeping Equal Pay Legislation. Towards the end of August, Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) issued draft rules implementing the Oregon Equal Pay Act. This series of post is exploring those new rules and how they will [...]

This morning, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, California Department of Public Health, and California Department of Food and Agriculture issued 15-day notices of modification to the texts of their respective proposed regulations. The Califo [...]

Coming from Seattle to Los Angeles, I’ve already seen one state flip from being a “gray medical cannabis state” to a fully regulated licensing system and I understand how painful a process this can be. So much of what I saw in Washington State is now [...]

New Mexico Health Secretary Balks at Medical Marijuana Expansion | NORML SANTA FE, NM — New Mexico’s Health Secretary Lynn Gallagher has agreed to proposed changes in the state’s medical cannabis law that would permit patients with obstructive sleep [...]

Republicans Are Playing Dirty in Their Bid to Stop North Dakota’s Legal Pot Initiative | Phillip Smith As North Dakotans prepare to head to the polls in November to vote on the Measure 3 marijuana legalization initiative, they rely on their state gov [...]

NORML Endorses Utah’s Medical Marijuana “Proposition 2” | NORML WASHINGTON, DC — The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has endorsed Proposition 2: The Utah Medical Cannabis Act, which regulates the licensed production and [...]

MPP Endorses North Dakota Ballot Initiative to Legalize Marijuana for Adults | Marijuana Policy Project WASHINGTON, DC — The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) announced Wednesday it is endorsing Measure 3, the initiative to legalize marijuana for adults [...]

There have been changes made recently to the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) in regards to cannabidiol or CBD. As the CBD market continues to expand, many consumers are looking at this recent news and wondering how it will affect their daily CBD supp [...]

With launch of new website and social media presence, Real Scientific® brand is ready to become a leader in the new Canadian cannabis market. Canada recently became just the second country to legalize recreational cannabis use at a national level. Th [...]

Today, cannabis becomes legal in Canada, making it the second country in the world to create a legal recreational cannabis market. Fulfilling a campaign promise, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government have legalized cannabis for adults in C [...]

CBD microdosing is a consumption technique that may improve the natural health properties of the supplement. By now you are likely familiar with the benefits of making CBD oil a part of your daily wellness routine, but have you heard of the low-dose [...]