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Orange cookies


Don’t overpay Fresh Batch Units Starting @600

What’s up budbay, I’m Rick and I’ve got some of the best deals in the business.If you’re looking for a reliable plug and are tired […]

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Consistent high quality (DISPENSARY) [RELIABLE VENDOR!]

GG4 1600 Girl Scout Cookies 1700 Sour Diesel 1500 Wedding cake 2200 Thin mints, viper og, alien og, Malibu og, TinaKush, sour girl, blue dream, […]

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Year Round Delivery

Looking for real people, no games, no BS. Delivery is available!! Medical Grade Top shelf Indoor and mid indoor available in smaller amounts. Flavors will […]

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1-833-TRY-BUDD         1-833-879-2833 The Buddler has the EXOTIC STRAINS that YOU WOULD WANT TO SMOKE, instead of that stuff you’ve been selling. Contact […]

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$2000 - 2300


What’s up guys Cali plug !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got extra meds available for donation…NO FRONTS !!! ID will be required to build trust !!! Units starting from […]

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Outdoor/Indoor Exculsive Deals !!! $1100-2100

How’s it going Budbay my name is Chris I’m a a reliable connect and business partner servicing everyone but mainly Southeastern and Northeastern clients. I […]

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  I have some very good quality greenhouse nice buds meetups in Denver Colorado Right now I have Chernobyl/ Pineapple Express/ Master Kush and blue […]

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Amazing quality light dep and indoor cannabis

All of our product is grown at our own farms from growers with 20+ years experience. All hand trimmed with fresh crops that come down […]

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MrFlower DTLA


Og’s, Glue’s, & Exotic hybrids (INDOOR)

If you are looking for Potent High Quality meds at a great ticket, Provided with Excellent Customer Service , LOOK NO FURTHER YOU FOUND ——> […]

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Outdoor-Greenhouse-Indoor. Wholesale Cannabis. BEST DEALS GUARANTEED!!

Fresh outdoor, light dep and indoor cannabis units available. Local pickup or shipped. $1100-1800 My name is Amber, I am a local grower with large […]

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MKpjwe1017 (1)



I am just looking for a few reasonable people! If you move 10 units a week? If you want to move 10-100 units a week? […]

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Delivery Year Round Top shelf

Looking for real people, no games, no BS. Delivery is available!! Medical Grade Top shelf Indoor and mid indoor. Flavors will change weekly with reoccurring […]

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Looking for East Coast/Mid Coast

(Only work with cash before shipment). Looking for consistent east coast/Mid coast. I carry a large selection of Indoor products at different price ranges. (Contact […]

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DELIVERY AVAILABLE. OUNCES START AT $75. CLONES start at $10. TRIM $100 In celebration of recreational marijuana. Limited time only while supplies last. Please be […]

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Doctors and scientists criticize ‘flawed pop science’ of Tell Your Children – but author Alex Berenson stands by his claimsA group of 75 scholars and medical professionals have criticised a controversial new book about the purported dangers of mariju [...]

Mental health issues in teenagers could be minimised by age controls and regulation over the strength of the productNew research was published this week highlighting the associations between teenage cannabis use and a range of mental health problems. [...]

Study finds one in 14 cases in under-35s could be avoided if teenagers did not use the drugScientists believe they have identified about 60,000 cases of depression in adults under 35 in the UK, and more than 400,000 in the US, that could be avoided i [...]

Companies are eager to avoid the notion that they are targeting young customers, but stories have highlighted medical benefitsA Los Angeles doctor’s license is reportedly at risk after he told a father give his four-year-old a cannabis-infused cookie [...]

curious as to whether or not smoking cannabis is an easy alternative to tobacco or not. i’ve never smoked tobacco so i’m pretty ignorant to how addiction to it works. submitted by /u/kelpsh4ke [link] [comments] [...]

For some time now, I’ve been blissfully enjoying my marijuana to excess, which always results in me smoking until I go to bed. Often right until I go to bed. Months and months of this. And I think I might be going psychotic from the interruption of m [...]

submitted by /u/TapTheForwardAssist [link] [comments] [...]

Remember, don’t hop on the Strain Train 🚂. Smell 👃🏼 , Sight 👁, and Trichomes 💎 are far more important in choosing your preferred flower. Flavor 👅 is also important if you want to truly appreciate it, and Color 🌈 is also vital because it can tell you [...]

Willie Nelson expands on his line of CBD products with Willie’s Remedy, hemp-infused coffee beans that reflect his long-standing support of American farmers. Even if... The post Willie Nelson’s CBD Coffee Is Roasted, Not Toasted appeared first on SF [...]

Its smoking lounge cements San Francisco’s place as America’s leading recreational-cannabis destination.  There are more legal cannabis smoking lounges in San Francisco than in the... The post Moe Greens Is S.F.’s Most Deluxe New Dispensary appeared [...]

Captain Hooter’s Connoisseur’s Guide to Amsterdam Coffee Shops is a must-read for the marijuana-friendly traveler. Look at Instagram and you might think that travel writing... The post This Is the Comprehensive Atlas to Europe’s Cannabis Capital appe [...]

They make a name for themselves with a sleek design and carefully formulated oils that deliver unique and precise effects. Vape pens are splendid, but... The post James Henry’s Disposable Vape Pens Are a Very Good Idea appeared first on SF Evergreen. [...]

A proposal to open banking and financial services to marijuana businesses in states that have legalized marijuana has had its first-ever hearing in a U.S.House committee, making Colorado Rep. Ed Perlmutter , one of the authors, optimistic about its c [...]

Colorado marijuana businesses have sold more than $6 billion worth of weed and related products since a voter-approved measure allowing adults over the age of 21 to consume recreational pot took effect in the state on Jan. 1, 2014. [...]

Backers of an effort to legalize medical marijuana in Nebraska have filed formal paperwork for a statewide ballot campaign. [...]

Scores of agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency fanned out early Thursday morning in a coordinated raid of up to 50 suspected black-market marijuana grow houses in the Denver metro area, authorities say. [...]

Prepare to explain what you’re growing. Research state and federal regulations. Get ready to weed. [...]

Alerted by a tipster, the authorities could hear a tiger and smell a tiger. When they entered the home, they found a tiger. [...]

A Connecticut man whose bid to become a firefighter in the state's largest city was rejected because he uses medical marijuana has sued. [...]

The luxury retailer jumps on the cannabis train with a fancy head shop in Beverly Hills. [...]

Canada’s shortage of legal marijuana is in full swing only four months after the country legalized marijuana for adult-use. Many marijuana retailers are operating on shortened hours due to the ongoing shortage. One industry expert speculates that the [...]

Canna Trading Co. produces the freshest, cleanest hemp CBD oil products available. The company specializes in creating unique formulations from the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients with the target being – achieving the entourage effect in eve [...]

Colorado marijuana sales have surpassed $6 billion since recreational legalization took place in January 2014. Last year was a record year for the state as it took in almost $1 billion in taxes and fees from $1.55 billion in sales, according to the C [...]

A couple weeks ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended the rescheduling of cannabis in international drug treaties. Now, the European Parliament has followed suit by voting to assist the advancement of medical cannabis within the Europea [...]

Since starting Fairwinds, a Vancouver-based cannabis company, in 2014, James and Wendy Hull said they’ve heard from customers who’ve praised their products for helping them with pain, anxiety and other ailments — even cancer. Because [...]

OLYMPIA — Washington could wipe out as many as 200,000 convictions for misdemeanor marijuana possession for adults who don’t have anything else on their criminal records. A proposal in the Senate calls for automatic clemency [...]

In the months after Washington voters approved legalized marijuana in 2012, Clayton Mosher, a sociology professor at Washington State University Vancouver, noticed what he believed to be unnecessary safety concerns. Years after sales began, Mosher [...]

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden proposed legislation Friday that would give states a free hand to allow legal cannabis markets without the threat of federal criminal intervention, the latest push in Congress to bolster the nation’s [...]

As more and more states legalize cannabis in some form or another, and as more and more Senators and Representatives introduce legislation that would relax the federal pot laws, it’s important not to lose sight of reality: cannabis is still a Schedul [...]

As ardent followers of this blog are well aware, one of my favorite pastimes is keeping tabs on who is suing whom in the cannabis industry for trademark infringement. These lawsuits serve as great examples for my clients of what NOT to do when choosi [...]

On January 31, the Oregon Secretary of State released an audit of Oregon marijuana regulation. The audit is a hefty 37 pages, but its core findings are listed right there on the cover sheet: “Oregon’s framework for regulating marijuana should be stre [...]

We’ve been writing a lot on this blog about the regulation and sale of cannabidiol (“CBD”) products at the state and federal levels. The United States is not the only international actor, however, that is concerned with regulating the sale of CBD pro [...]

Home Prices Spike Following Opening of Marijuana Retailers | NORML FORT COLLINS, CO — The opening of marijuana retailers is positively associated with rising neighborhood home values, according to data published in the journal Contemporary Economic P [...]

Medical Marijuana is Florida Law, Let’s Act Like It | Norm Kent Two years ago, Florida citizens voted for and passed a constitutional amendment allowing our residents to use marijuana medicinally. The law passed overwhelmingly, with nearly 72 percent [...]

Study: Medical Cannabis Associated With Reduced Opioid Intake in Pain Patients | NORML ROSWELL, NM — The use of medical cannabis for a period of one-month or more is associated with reduced opioid intake in patients with cancer and/or rheumatic pain [...]

Study: Medical Cannabis Use Associated With Decreased Hospital Admissions Among Patients With Sickle Cell Disease | NORML NEW HAVEN, CT — Sickle cell disease (SCD) patients who utilize medicinal cannabis require fewer hospitalizations as compared to [...]

With 45% CBD, HempMeds® new RSHO™ Maximum Strength is our strongest full-spectrum CBD oil product to date. Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio CBD company HempMeds® has launched its newest product – Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) Maximum Strength – [...]

Everything you need to know to choose your perfect first vape pen. A clean, flavorful method of consuming vape liquids, botanical waxes, and dry herbs wherever you go, vape pens are a popular choice among Medical Marijuana, Inc. customers because the [...]

Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ Max Strength is the most potent CBD product per serving size available from the Medical Marijuana, Inc. family of companies. Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio company HempMeds® recently announced the launch of its new Real S [...]

It seems like everyone these days is discussing the benefits of CBD oil. Here are 11 questions to ask yourself as you try to determine whether the powerful supplement is also right for you. CBD oil has taken the health and wellness world by storm. Ev [...]