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SEEDS AVAILABLE! ( 4 strains)

I have some fresh crosses i made this year an am looking to get these genetics out there! Asking $3 for all seeds except citron […]

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Assorted large teens ready to flower

Helol I have a large selection of ready to flower teens. Grown in coco no pests or powdery mildew. Strains include Wedding cake Sfv og […]

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Land for lease for hemp California

26 fertile acres with water. Former orange grove. 702.628.1961 serious injuries only. Thank you

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Delivery Year Round Top shelf

Looking for real people, no games, no BS. Delivery is available!! Medical Grade Top shelf Indoor and mid indoor. Flavors will change weekly with reoccurring […]

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Whats up everyone. This is ron and i have some of the best indoor Marijuana around. COME DO BUSINESS WITH SOMEONE THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY […]

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CF Greenhouse 034_l


The Best Exotics and OG’s for 2019

Beautiful healthy exotics and OGs — clones and teens.  For menu updates and drop dates follow @topgenetics on IG. Clone menu for 1.13.19: * Wedding […]

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Clones!! Top shelf genetics!!

Top shelf clones available! 15-20 strains available on various sizes from freshly rooted to 5 gallon moms! If you need some high yielding dank to […]

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Gorilla Glue 4


Strong, healthy, top shelf clones

Available clones in rockwool: Gorilla Glue 4 Superglue OG Kush Platinum GSC Berry White Cherry Pie Ken’s GDP Newest strains; smaller quantities available Wedding Cake […]

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CALI UNITS…“Light Dep an Outs” Flower SALE!!

Popular Greenhouse ‘light Deps’ with Many strains to choose from… These Deps are top-quality and consistent. call/text for current strain inventory. We’re a well established […]

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This guy is a 100% scammer Whats up everyone. This is ron and i have some of the best indoor Marijuana around. COME DO BUSINESS […]

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MKpjwe1017 (1)



I highly recommend 20% Budget meds for your inventory-$1100–$1300. Also 60% of your inventory too be Mids, LIGHT DEPs.=$1400-$1700. Check out these Sweet GSC!= $1600.. […]

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CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS 21+ WITH DOCTORS RECOMMENDATION “Arbor Nursery” (650) NURSERY “You Can’t Buy Love” Welcome to Arbor Nursery, California’s leading supplier of organic cannabis clones, […]

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ad for trim


Untested Trim – BULK –

Too Many Brokers in the Middle? Control Your Supply Chain Untested Trim Direct from Northern California. Save money and Get Consistent Quality Labs, Distributors, and […]

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Older people are the fastest-growing group of cannabis users, as stigma fades and some seek an alternative to prescription drugsAs attitudes towards cannabis shift, the fastest-growing group of users is over 50 – and marijuana’s popularity among seni [...]

Family of first child prescribed medical cannabis forced to follow bureaucratic ‘assault course’There is a “serious cultural block within the NHS around medical cannabis”, according to MPs.The criticism comes after it emerged that the family of the f [...]

We are trying to be positive, but there’s little likely to put a smile on your face – except for a couple of things …Making predictions in the world of business and economics is a fool’s errand but that’s no reason not to have a crack at it. Here are [...]

A study tracking increased potency of both herbal and resin types of the drug points to greater dangers for usersCannabis potency has doubled across Europe in the past decade, according to the first study to track changes in the drug across the conti [...]

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A unit devoted to ensuring you can smoke trees while out among them. It was inevitable that we’d encounter a “weather-proof” vaporizer at some point.... The post Take the Vapium Summit+ Vaporizer into the Rain appeared first on SF Evergreen. [...]

Are you ready to get your mad scientist on? The Dr. Dabber Switch looks like the nuclear football of vaporizers. As it’s packaged in a... The post Review: The Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer appeared first on SF Evergreen. [...]

The future looks a lot like Listerine. In a time before our days were filled with dread over climate change and profound political corruption, there... The post Kin Slips Sublingual Strips appeared first on SF Evergreen. [...]

Those white bags could come back to dispensaries, and all of California could get weed delivery too, as the state overhauls its marijuana laws —... The post New Reefer Rules for 2019 appeared first on SF Evergreen. [...]

California endorsed a rule Wednesday that will allow home marijuana deliveries statewide, even into communities that have banned commercial pot sales. [...]

Attorney general nominee Bill Barr says he would "not go after" marijuana companies in states where cannabis is legal. [...]

After a wild year for the cannabis sector, it's appropriate that 2019 kicks off with a focus on Aphria Inc., the Canadian pot producer that was attacked by short sellers and is now the target of a hostile takeover bid. [...]

Denver officials will help thousands of people convicted of low-level marijuana crimes expunge their records in a series of four clinics in February and March. [...]

As the drug becomes more popular, concerns have been raised that its use can lead to psychotic disorders. Here’s what scientists know for sure, and what they don’t. [...]

Congestion pricing, sports betting and legalized recreational marijuana. Where are New York and its governor, Andrew Cuomo, headed? [...]

Students in the Oklahoma City school district with medical conditions that require cannabis are now permitted to use the drug at school. [...]

Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat re-elected in November, presented an aggressively progressive platform promising to make New York a leader among liberal states. [...]

Medical marijuana sales begin in Ohio on Jan 16, but marijuana products and inventory will be limited. Initially, dispensaries in Ohio will only sell flower products for vaporizing and prices will likely be high, Cincinnati reports. Only a few dispen [...]

To better understand cannabis consumers in America, New Frontier Data and MJ Freeway have identified and quantified cannabis consumers’ behavior, preferences, and views on the role of cannabis in their lives and in our society into a report. The coll [...]

On January 9, shoe retailer DSW ordered 54,960 hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) personal care products from Green Growth Brands. 96 US-based DSW stores will carry the CBD products. “We have seen recent shifts in consumer behavior accelerate changes in [...]

Cannabidiol (CBD) is now associated with reducing methamphetamine cravings in rats, according to data published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. Researchers in Australia studied the impact of CBD on methamphetamine-seeking behavior, reported NOR [...]

Pot for pets? It may be the next step in the ever-evolving legitimization of medicinal marijuana, and a trio of South Florida companies are competing to become the Blue Apron of cannabis oils for pets. [...]

LONGVIEW — Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced Friday he will offer pardons to people convicted of minor marijuana possession between 1998 and 2012. But those offenders may be better off under other alternatives available to [...]

SPOKANE — Nearly five years on, regulators of Washington state’s legal marijuana industry say there’s more work to be done on keeping pot out of the hands of children and assisting growers facing falling revenues [...]

SALEM, Ore — For the second year in a row, Oregon cannabis farmers have harvested more than a million pounds of usable marijuana. The huge harvest (more than 453,592 kilograms) is again driving down prices [...]

Yesterday afternoon, on January 16, 2019, the California Office of Administrative Law (“OAL) finally approved the sets of final regulations under it had been reviewing after submissions from the California Department of Public Health (“CDPH”) which r [...]

We have spilled a lot of ink on this blog related to the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp at the federal level. It’s huge news. And there are so many ramifications, from food law to trademarks to the financial services environment. This blog post [...]

On January 3rd, according to the owner of a smoke shop in Yuma, Arizona, officials from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seized a variety of CBD products from the store’s shelves. The officials took fewer than fifty items and told the owner to [...]

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about the precarious state of industrial-hemp derived CBD in California. Since then, as everyone knows, President Trump signed the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (or “Farm Bill”). A lot of people think that [...]

Home Prices Spike Following Opening of Marijuana Retailers | NORML FORT COLLINS, CO — The opening of marijuana retailers is positively associated with rising neighborhood home values, according to data published in the journal Contemporary Economic P [...]

Medical Marijuana is Florida Law, Let’s Act Like It | Norm Kent Two years ago, Florida citizens voted for and passed a constitutional amendment allowing our residents to use marijuana medicinally. The law passed overwhelmingly, with nearly 72 percent [...]

Study: Medical Cannabis Associated With Reduced Opioid Intake in Pain Patients | NORML ROSWELL, NM — The use of medical cannabis for a period of one-month or more is associated with reduced opioid intake in patients with cancer and/or rheumatic pain [...]

Study: Medical Cannabis Use Associated With Decreased Hospital Admissions Among Patients With Sickle Cell Disease | NORML NEW HAVEN, CT — Sickle cell disease (SCD) patients who utilize medicinal cannabis require fewer hospitalizations as compared to [...]

Cannabidiol, the endocannabinoid system, and CBD’s wellness benefits among topics to be covered at San Diego educational event. The CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc., Dr. Stuart Titus, will be presenting at the first Joyworks Wonders Speakers Series eve [...]

Consumers who prefer natural ingredients to chemicals are discovering how hemp shampoo can be beneficial to their hair. Hemp hair care products like hemp shampoo can offer great benefits to you and your hair, including strengthening and moisturizing [...]

Learn all about what CBD isolates do to the body and what kind of effects they have. For those seeking the natural balancing effects of cannabidiol, CBD isolate is a unique and versatile type of cannabinoid supplement. CBD isolate, often referred to [...]

Today, shatter is more popular than ever. Learn about the history behind the highly sought-after marijuana concentrate, including how it was invented. The cannabis industry is quickly evolving and consumers are increasingly on the lookout for marijua [...]